Jun 01, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

3 Alternatives to Expensive Golf Bags

Media studies have shown that the popularity of golf is surging. It's a relaxing activity that can also be active and help you stay in shape. It requires great skill but is an enjoyable pastime for all, even beginners.

There's something in the game for everyone, and for every player who wants a quality bag that won’t break the bank, there are some amazing alternatives to the most expensive options on the market. Wanting to get your hands on something great for an excellent price? Read on for three golf bags from Stitch that are worth your cash.

1. SL1 Golf Bag

The SL1 (including the MIY variant) is the most classic item in Stitch Golf's catalog. Its long, sturdy cylindrical shape recalls traditional designs, and yet its construction is anything but outdated.

Made from Stitch Golf's proprietary Touring Fabric, the S1 has the strength of leather but is water-resistant and weighs in at only 57 oz. The two top vent pockets accommodate all your accessories, like a keyring, wallet, golf balls, tees, and even beverages. The cushioned comfort strap enables you to walk all 18 holes without flagging.

The S1 is perfect for a player who prefers long and involved games. Since research shows that golf is beneficial for the body and mind, this bag will inspire you to get out more often than you ever had before. Sling on your SL1 and hit the green.

2. SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag

The striking SL2 colorblock cuts a distinct silhouette, particularly in gleaming white. Accented with a sleek, matte blacktop and the signature racing orange Stitch logo, the Colorblock is the perfect option for those who want the form to be as impressive as function.

This lightweight bag weighs 64 oz and comes with an attachable rain hood. The gunmetal hardware and finishes give it an undeniable luster. 

Take this bag anywhere. With its intuitively divided inner compartment and ample room for necessities, it'll keep your game organized in style.

3. SL Cart Bag

The sleek, all-black SL cart bag is ergonomically designed to fit snug against the curve of your back. But it'll work nice and snug on the back of a cart and look superb standing up on the course.

Other cart bags either dock well on the back of a cart but slump over standing up on a link or stand up strong and tall on a link but roll around on the back of the cart. This handsome, 70s throwback bag does it all.

It's a lightweight and durable bag, weighing in at 9 lbs., 10 oz., featuring a five-way internal divider and ample personalization options. In addition to the spacious central pocket, the neck of the bag, the sides, and the bottom all zip open to reveal more storage space.

The largest bag in Stitch's collection feels as light as a feather.


Stitch Golf makes golf bags with premium designs made from quality materials. Inspired by the classic 1958 Porsche Racer, Stitch incorporates racing stripes into its super light, strong, and durable designs. 

Check out the full inventory of polos, vests, belts, coolers, headcovers, and catchalls, not to mention every beautiful golf bag at Stitch Golf.