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Camo UGB
Ultimate Garment Bag (UGB)
Birdie Bag
Limited Edition Birdie Bag
Clubhouse Duffle
Shoe Bag

Where style meets functionality. Explore the most innovative travel bags on the market.

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Dopp Kit
Stitch Traveler
Roller Duffle Bag 2020
Super Cold Cooler
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Vintage Leather Catchall
Travel Bags

Shop our wide variety of high-quality bags, duffels, and totes. Our bags are functional and versatile enough for long trips but have enough style that you can take them into the office. We have options for both long travels and casual weekend getaways. You'll fall in love with packing when you discover how spacious and design oriented our bags are. Stitch bags come with our Stitch® Touring Fabric, which is more durable than leather yet still lightweight and water-resistant. Plus, check out our luxury options for those seeking sleek, minimal design. Arrive in Style with Stitch®.