Aug 15, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

When Is Golf Season?

You're rounding the bend on the 18th and still well below 40. It's a cold but great first day back on the course after a short winter. You're excited to submit what you anticipate is one of your best scores yet. You head to your state's golf association website and see the banner: “2023 Golfing Season Has Not Begun. Scores Not Accepted At This Time.” 

We've all played great games with no one there to witness it, but having a score robbed from you because you're playing outside of the accepted period is an avoidable experience.

Below we'll discuss when golf season begins and ends in the US, Europe, and Canada. We also give insight into the best season to play golf and other essential things to know. 

When Is Golf Season in the United States?

Golf season varies depending on the region and state where you're playing. Only 18 states allow for uninterrupted score submissions 365 days a year. So whenever you decide to sling your bag over your shoulder is a great day to shoot for a birdie.  Generally, the sunnier US states (think Florida or Texas) will extend the season year-round.

The 18 states that have year-round seasons are: 

  • - Florida
  • - Georgia
  • - North and South Carolina
  • - Virginia
  • - Alabama
  • - Mississippi
  • - Tennessee
  • - Arkansas
  • - Louisiana
  • - Oklahoma
  • - Texas
  • - Arizona
  • - New Mexico
  • - Utah
  • - Nevada
  • - California
  • - Hawaii

So that leaves 32 other states with official dates for when their golfing seasons begin and end. It's essential to be aware of when those dates are, so you're not submitting an incredible golf score on a day that would be considered invalid.  

When Is Golf Season in Europe?

Europe follows a similar pattern to the United States. The farther north you go, the more limited the golfing season. 

For instance, the golfing season in Finland spans from May to September. However, the season extends year-round in sunny Spain, even in the colder months. 

As with most things in life, this is all weather permitting. Courses will shut down due to extreme weather, so check the forecast before you plan your day. 

When is Golf Season in Canada?

If you're establishing your handicap in Canada, you'll have a more limited time to do it. You can keep any scores you like, but only ones played during the active season will count towards your Golf Canada Handicap Factor

The season depends on the province. Newfoundland, one of Canada's more southern provinces, holds a generous season from April 1st through November 30th. 

As a rule of thumb, April 1st to October 31st is generally a safe pocket of time to play in any of the provinces where you can expect to be within the active season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Season to Play Golf?

The best season to play golf depends on what's important to you. Fall is typically the favorite time for a good game. Crisp air, gorgeous autumnal views, weather that's neither too hot nor too cold—these factors make late August to mid-November the ideal time to head out onto the course. 

However, if you're looking to avoid the heavy crowds and high traffic, early to late spring can also be a wonderful time to get in a couple of rounds. Though if you're heading out in early March, it might be time to consider some warmer, top-notch clothes to keep your extremities circulating.

How Long Is Golf Season?

As discussed earlier in this article, golf seasons vary from state to state in the United States, province to province in Canada, or country to country in Europe. However, the warmer months are more hospitable to golfing and won't be hampered by poor weather and icy terrain. Generally, April 1st to October 31st will be inside the active season north of the equator. 

Is There an off Season for Golf?

For non-professionals, the months of December, January, and February are often a dead zone. Except for our warmest regions, that three-month period is too cold for even the heartiest players. 

Do People Play Golf All Year Round?

People do play all year round. Whether in the active or inactive season, nothing stops you (except for local course rules) from packing up your bags and heading out to the range. Weather permitting, you can practice for the PGA any day you like. 

Just be sure to warm up first, as those cold months can get under your skin and leave your muscles and joints more brittle than usual. 


While the dates vary from region to region, a typical golf season occupies the majority of months every year, so whether you're a once-a-month player or a golf fanatic, there's a great chance that you're in season! Be sure to check your local area's golfing association for official dates if you're a serious player looking to log your best scores. 

And if you decide to brave the cold, regardless of the weather, suit up appropriately. Shop STITCH Golf today for quality golf apparel you can play in, rain or shine.