Nov 11, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Your Golf Bag Says About You

Anyone who plays golf knows there isn’t one golf bag to hold all your clubs and accessories. In fact, picking one can be overwhelming. Whatever bag you land on will say something about you as a person and a golfer. 

So be sure you’ve got the right bag, and read on! 

Tour Bags

Golf bags come in all shapes and sizes, but golfing tour bags are the perfect companion for anyone who wants to do precisely that. Golf tour bags are popular among seasoned pros on the professional circuit. Did you know there are only over 200 PGA pros currently? 

Tour bags suit the needs of pros due to their large size, and they're all about luxury and reflect that side of their golfer, whether pro or not. Having a tour bag would suggest that you’re someone who plays with professional aspirations - if not a professional already.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are a great asset to any golfer, whether a beginner or a more advanced professional. Cart bags offer much-needed storage while protecting your clubs from being battered during movement across the green.

With these features, the cart bags won’t always scream PGA Pro, but they’ll signal great sophistication. Owners of cart bags are looking to conserve their energy in between powerful swings; their focus is on the game, and they take their sport seriously while remaining stylish.

Stand Bags

While pulling a golf bag along might look slightly more elegant as you move from hole to hole, true fitness fanatics prefer to have their bag on their back. Are you still wondering how to choose a golf bag between the cart and the stand? The main difference between the stand and cart bags is that stand bags are lightweight and come with straps to comfortably carry your clubs from place to place. 

Those who model this golfing accessory tend to give off a relaxed, casual vibe as they stride across the green. While stand bags are fashionable to wear, these bags will let the whole course know you’re here for a good, relaxed game. You might take your game seriously but don’t want your desire to improve to take the fun out of the sport. Golfing is about exploration and fun! 

Travel Bags

Post the global pandemic, it’s no surprise that people want to follow the travel trends of the year by getting away and seeing the world, and these people exist among golfers as much as the next sport. Golfers, in particular, will love being outdoors, so a travel bag is the ideal companion for many.

Robust, sturdy, and sure not to let you down, sporting a travel bag on the green will show that you’re not out there for the style or the look. Instead, you’re there simply for the game, and you're a practical person. Why buy an expensive golf bag when you could buy a golf travel bag that will do the job and be the perfect travel companion for your trips abroad? 

Sunday Bags

When thinking about types of golf bags, you might find the Sunday bag is the most aptly named. Stemming back to the idea that Sunday was the Sabbath, meaning there was no working on a Sunday, golf clubs would give their caddies the day off, so you would need to carry your bag yourself!

Sporting a Sunday bag tells the world you’re at the course to take it easy and enjoy the day. You're not at the green to make life hard for yourself or to sweat yourself silly as you drag every club behind you. You’re there to have fun and casually drop in when the time is right.

Final Thoughts

While golf isn't all about looks, it's undeniable that how you dress and what accessories you choose do say something about the type of golfer you are. So, making sure your bag is putting you on the right path is essential before stepping out onto the green.

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