Dec 05, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What To Wear To a Golf Lesson

So, you've decided to start attending golf lessons. Whether you're new to the sport entirely or want to hone your existing skills, this is a positive step to take. Golf is a hugely enjoyable sport, loved by millions across the globe, and improving your ability will only enhance that enjoyment.

However, before attending your first lesson, you must know what to wear. If you're concerned about that, don't worry - you're in the right place. At Stitch Golf, we'll take you through everything you need to know about what (and what not) to wear to your lesson. 

What Attire Should You Wear to a Golf Lesson?

The first thing you should be aware of is that most golf courses have a dress code that all players must abide by. Before we get into specific recommendations, check the dress code of the course where your lesson will be taking place. That will offer its own specific guidance to help you understand what's appropriate. 

What Men Should Wear

Generally speaking, outside of abiding by the specific dress code of the course, the primary concern here should be wearing clothes that aren't too restrictive. Anything too tight will only hinder your performance, making the lesson far more challenging. Anything too baggy will get in the way. You need something comfortable that also grants you unrestricted movement.

The classic polo shirt is a staple of golfing apparel. They tend to be highly breathable and easy to move in. They're also almost always permitted as part of the golf course dress code, so you don't need to worry about that. For the cooler months, all you need to do is layer up with a sweater. But make sure it isn't so thick it becomes cumbersome. 

For your lower half, you're either going to want to wear long pants or shorts. In the warmer months, almost any kind of golf short is accepted by most courses. In the colder weather, some slacks or khakis should be your choice.

These clothes all share the benefit of granting you easy movement while presenting the classic image your golf club will want to display. Footwear should consist of either golf shoes or tennis shoes. If you go for golf shoes, make sure they're soft-spiked, as metal spikes aren't always allowed on courses. Sunglasses or a cap is also a good idea for keeping the sun out of your eyes

What Women Should Wear

For women, the case is a little different. You'll find more options available as permitted clothing. Sleeveless tops are fine, though a common stipulation among golf club dress codes is that the top must have a collar. Additionally, you could choose to wear a turtleneck or simple crew-neck top, provided it has sleeves.

Again, when it comes to the lower half, women have more options than men. You can choose from golfing pants, a skirt, or golf shorts. Skorts are also a viable option. Generally speaking, though it's always wise to double-check the dress code of your club, skirts must reach around knee length.

In terms of accessories, a visor or cap is perfectly acceptable. You don't need to wear anything on your head for your first lesson, but when the sun's shining, it can obstruct your view pretty significantly. Sunglasses are also a good idea to this end.

For shoes, women can wear the same style that men do. Any type of tennis shoe or golf shoe is permitted, though there may be rules regarding color at some courses. Again, if they're spiked golf shoes, make sure they're soft-spiked. Ankle-height socks are also a good idea, especially when wearing a skirt or shorts. 

What Should You Not Wear to a Golf Lesson?

Now that we've covered what you should wear, it's time to dig into what you shouldn't be wearing to your first golfing lesson. Strictly speaking, you should stick to the above recommendations, but to make it completely clear, here are our picks for items of clothing that don't belong on the golf course. 

Unsuitable Men’s Wear

The dress codes of many golf courses have softened significantly over the years, but there are still some rules that require strict adherence. For example, it's exceptionally rare for a course to allow any kind of denim, so no jeans or jean shorts should be worn out on the green. Additionally, try to avoid sports shorts (such as basketball shorts).

A sense of formality is important on the golf course. Sure, you're playing a sport, but it isn't as fast-paced as other competitive sports. This means a proper outfit isn't too much to ask. Leave the casual T-shirts or tank tops at home. They might be the most comfortable articles of clothing that you own, but they aren't course-appropriate.

Lastly, with footwear, remember that although it's slower-paced than other sports, golf is still a sport. Wear appropriate shoes and avoid flip-flops or sandals. If you don't want to drive in golf shoes, there's nothing wrong with changing into them only when you arrive at the course. 

Unsuitable Women’s Wear

A lot of the same rules that apply to men apply to women but with some slight variations. The no-denim rule still firmly applies. Some courses may allow a denim skirt, though this often is not the case. A rule that all courses seem to agree on is only wearing a skirt that is an appropriate length. This varies from course to course, but it's generally considered appropriate if it's around knee length.

For tops, women should avoid anything too revealing, such as a small tank top or simply only wearing a sports bra. While this is perfectly acceptable at the gym, much like men and tank tops, it isn't appropriate for the course. The formal air of golf as a sport must be respected. 

Finally, no boots or heels should be worn on the course. Not only will this undoubtedly hinder your play anyway, but it doesn't tie into golfing etiquette. Additionally, your heel could puncture and harm the course, similarly to how metal spiked golf shoes would. It's best to play it safe and only wear what's recommended. 

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