Nov 13, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What To Wear to the Driving Range?

Knowing what to wear to your chosen driving range can be daunting whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. Does the driving range have a dress code? Will other people question your outfit choices? Will you need to go home and change? 

If you can practice at a private golf club range or a public one, please dispel all the questions and concerns by understanding the considerations you need to research and be inspired by the available outfit choices! 

Considerations for Choosing Your Golf Attire for the Driving Range

Three primary considerations will help you decide what to wear before stepping foot on the driving range, so be sure to understand them all before turning up!

Dress Codes 

Whether new to golf or a veteran player, most people will have an image when they think of golf attire. While the stereotypical image might not apply in every circumstance, depending on your driving range’s dress code, you might have to dress more formally than you first thought. 

But why have a dress code? Many sports have dress codes to ensure the game is fair and that the players accurately represent the institution they’re playing for - in this case, your chosen driving range. If your driving range is located at a golf club, you’ll likely find the club wants you to appear smart to uphold their image. 

However, even today, there are problems with dress codes in the sporting world, and organizations like Wimbledon have had to change their traditions to progress forward in terms of looking at the differences between male and female players’ needs. While times vary, most golf courses will expect you to adhere to their rules. 

More often than not, this means wearing traditional golfing attire, such as golf shoes and a collared shirt. Yet some golf clubs won’t have a dress code, meaning you can wear what you like. However, before you turn up in a onesie, it’s best to check the dress code first. 

The Type of Driving Range

While private golf clubs with driving ranges are likely to stipulate some uniform, you may find different barriers if you visit a public driving range. Usually, you can wear what you’d like.

However, it’s worth remembering that even if there aren’t dress codes, it’s worth wearing clothing that will maximize performance and not restrict you. For example, you wouldn’t go running in high heels or play tennis in jeans; it’s simply not practical.

Primary Purpose Of Your Visit

If the primary purpose of your visit to the driving range is to practice so that your overall game improves, then you’ll want to wear suitable clothing. So, what to wear golfing at the driving range? 

A golf shirt and spikeless golfing shoes will help over jeans, sweatpants, or basketball shorts. However, it’s essential that whatever you’re wearing is comfortable if you want a good range of motion. Sometimes, a simple t-shirt and some gym shorts will set you on the right path to a rigorous practice session, hitting 100 balls one after the other.

However, if you’re wondering why golfers wear polos when they could wear t-shirts, you're not alone. A polo is always a safe bet if you’re unsure of the dress code, keeping you looking sharp wherever you are. 

That said, if your primary purpose is to go the driving range for a fun date night or family activity, you don't have to wear golfing shoes and clothes. Instead, wear whatever you like - as long as you can move freely.

Examples of Outfits to Wear to a Driving Range

Sometimes, knowing where to start can be difficult, but be inspired by these examples to see what you can wear and how you might add your spin to the golf outfit. 

For Men

Everyone needs to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. It would be best to have a good pair of golf shoes for men to give your base the necessary foundations. For the rest of your body, it’s essential to dress appropriately for the weather; if it’s hot, shorts and a tee will always be favored. However, it may be necessary to dress for windier, colder days too.

  • For a warm day: A polo t-shirt, non-denim shorts, socks (nobody wants blisters!), and a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes
  • For date night: A breezy tee, loose jacket (if it’s too tight, it’ll restrict your movement), sneakers, socks, and shorts (denim or non-denim, depending on how much restriction you’re happy with)
  • For cooler days: tee with a jumper, golf shoes, socks, and golfing trousers

For Women

It seems that what women wear is constantly up for controversy or debate, and it’s no different in the golfing arena. In 2017, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) banned several items, including leggings, “plunging necklines,” and workout gear, which met with resistance from the British group Women in Sport. Women in Sport believe that women should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in, while others have supported these specific guidelines, arguing that dress codes are a part of sports. 

  • In hot weather: golf shoes, baseball cap, socks, sports shorts or skort, and a polo.
  • For date night: if you can move well enough to enjoy yourself, wear a dress with a jumper, sneakers, and a jacket if you get cold.
  • For colder weather: a T-shirt, sweater, golf shoes, socks, and pants or leggings.

What Shoes Should You Wear to A Driving Range?

When practicing your game, it’s essential to ask yourself, 'Why are golf shoes important? Why can’t I wear flip-flops or sandals on a hot day?’ The short answer is that you need to have a good grip on your shoes, no matter the weather or how relaxed or rigorous your practice session will be.

Like the dress code, some private golf clubs with golf driving ranges will stipulate that you need to wear golf shoes, in which case the decision has been made for you. But at driving ranges, the dress code is more relaxed or non-existent; you must know in advance which types of shoes will put you in the best stead. 

If you’ve never played golf, how much power can travel through each club swing might surprise you. As a result, your feet are likely to follow that force if you haven’t got grippy enough shoes. That’s why trainers or sneakers are the next best thing if you don't have golf shoes.

Trying even a light practice at the driving range in flip-flops, sandals, or heels isn't wise because it could lead to losing your balance, ruining your performance, or causing injury. It’s important to remember that golf is still a sport, even when playing for fun or a relaxed date night. 

It’s essential to consider your experience level as well. If you’re a beginner, you might find your swing isn’t mighty, meaning you can get away with not wearing golf shoes. When you swing the club a little too fast, your feet might move, but not to a concerning extent. However, you’ll likely have much more power behind your swing if you're a more advanced player. 

Another consideration? You won't want to wear your best pair of shoes if you’re new to golfing. You’ll probably get them dirty from the muck in the driving range’s astroturf or wear them out quickly with lots of movement. That’s why golf shoes are essential to consider, even as a beginner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Go to the Driving Range in Jeans?

While some driving ranges don’t have any dress codes, thus making jeans an acceptable choice, it remains an unwise decision. Like most other sports, golf requires a good range of full-body movement, which wearing jeans will restrict. The more rigorous the practice session, the more uncomfortable you’ll become.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether your chosen driving range has a strict or no dress code, you must dress to the demands of the sport. Make sure you’re fully prepared with appropriate clothes and supportive, grippy shoes to give you the best chance of success, whether hitting 100 balls or just having some light-hearted fun.

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