Feb 26, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Color Golf Bag Should I Get?

If you’re new to golf or thinking about changing your style, you may be wondering which color golf bag to get.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached this question, you know the type of bag you want or need. Let's uncover a suitable color for your needs and golfing habits!

What To Consider Before Choosing Which Color Golf Bag To Get

Where You Play 

First, consider where you play and how this could impact your bag of choice. ‘Where’ can broadly encompass whether you play on a golf course or visit a driving range

Maybe you go to a public driving range or prefer the driving content at a prestigious golf club with stricter rules. If you know your club has a strict dress code, a fluorescent golf bag might cause a stir. However, even some prestigious golf clubs have ambiguous dress codes

The Old Course at St Andrew’s in Scotland asks that golfers wear appropriate and proper attire. Other than that, the dress code is unknown. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s best to call ahead or pick a color you know is safe, such as white or black. 

If you imagine playing regularly on an uncovered course, you’ll know that even on a dry day, some dirt might flick up when you swing. If you have a white bag, the mud will be far more visible than if you were to have a black bag. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t get a white bag; instead, it’s essential that you know you’ll likely need to clean it far more often to prevent a dirty look. 

Alternatively, if you play in a sunny location where the climate is generally warmer and lacks shade or cover, specific colors will discolor quicker than others. Pick the “wrong” color, and you might need to purchase a new one sooner than you’d like.

The Weather You Play In 

Much like where you play, the weather you play in is a vital consideration for many of the same reasons. The wetter the weather you play in, the more likely your bag will get dirt flicked onto it, so the harder it will be to clean and the more likely you’ll want a darker color to hide mud splatters. 

Warmer weather may be easier on your bag. That said, you might find that a lack of shade will lead to color fading, so ensure you know how to restore a faded golf bag before you buy. Like to play in any weather? A shade that hides watermarks or a bag with more waterproof fabric will be handy for you. 

Where You Store Your Golf Bag 

Some golfers will keep their clubs by the stairs or tucked away in a clean cupboard for easy access so dust, dirt, or condensation doesn't ruin their clubs. If you haven’t considered this, think about how to store your clubs before picking a color. Other golfers who don’t have the space or don’t golf as often might keep their clubs in the attic, garage, or a dusty cupboard under the stairs. 

If you know you store your clubs in a dirtier place, it’s best to go with a darker color.

Your Style/Personality 

As with any accessory, your choice of shade is an opportunity to let your personality shine - and to choose what “type” of golfer you’d like to be. Rain or shine, some golfers will pick the white bags for their classic look, which will always be a bright color to take to public and prestigious courses. 

Others want to let their style shine with a different color, so if your style is the most critical factor, follow your heart and pick the color you think reflects you best.

So, What Color Golf Bag Should You Get?


But do white golf bags get dirty? It’s almost impossible not to. However, white is an excellent all-time classic color. It gives you a sleek and stylish look and is perfect if you’re a fair-weather player or know that your golf course is generally clean. 


Black is a favorite among golfers and is perfect if you’re an all-weather player to keep the dirt and watermarks better hidden. It’s also great if you have to store your clubs in dirtier spaces. With 1.92 million tonnes of textile waste being produced yearly, increasing your bag's longevity will help prevent additional waste, so it’s an excellent color for the climate-conscious among you. 


This is an excellent shade for anyone wanting the perks of a black bag without feeling like the color is too “boring” for them. Navy brings personality and difference from most standard white or black bags.


There are many shades of blue to play with, from ocean to baby to sky blues. Blue is a classic color that always looks great and will help bring your personality out on the green. However, the lighter the blue, the more likely it is to get dirty, so keep that in mind. 


Green is a familiar shade, thanks to the color of the courses worldwide. However, there aren’t many green bags on the market because a green bag plus a green course can equal too much green. 


Red is an excellent option if you want your bag to stand out on the course. Especially if you’re a forgetful golfer, it can be helpful to have a louder color if you’re prone to losing your bag.


Gray can be a stylish color to have out on the green. While not a loud color, it still shows a little more personality than a black bag while offering a look of sophistication. Of course, it’s not as classic as the white bag, but it’s excellent for those seeking compromise. 


Like any pattern, Camo is more about style and look than keeping dirt at bay. However, if you have a dark camo look, you’ll hide water and dirt marks better than a baby blue while allowing personality to reign supreme. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Versatile Color for a Golf Bag?

Generally speaking, black golf bags tend to offer more versatility because they can be used anywhere and in any weather. However, you don't always need versatility if you know you’re only a fair-weather player. So, the best color depends on multiple factors. 

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