Jul 10, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

We Were Reviewed by Golficity! Check Out What They Had to Say!

First impressions matter, and YouTube channel Golficity didn't hold back when reviewing the STITCH SL2 Golf Bag. They shared a first impression unboxing video with their 65.8K subscribers—and we loved it! 

As golf enthusiasts, we aim to develop timeless golf bags and accessories that golfers will appreciate. This unboxing was a gentle reminder that we're on the right track.

Here's what Golficity had to say about the STITCH SL2 Golf Bag by STITCH Golf.

Key Points From the Video

  • Subtle and elegant customization
  • Superlight (57 ounces)
  • The material is as durable and weatherproof as a "good rain jacket"
  • Available in several beautiful colors
  • Several compartments with two saddle bags
  • Packed with functional interior and exterior details

Stitch Golf's SL2 — What Was Golficity Most Impressed With?

The STITCH Golf team was blown away by Golficity's review. Here are the areas that impressed them: 


We allow our customers to engrave their initials onto their SL2 Golf Bag. It is one of the many perks that set us apart from the competition. 

Golficity described the customization as being different and subtle. You're getting a golf bag unique to you without it screaming your name. Even the STITCH emblem is small, resulting in a clean appearance. 

Light Weight

Part of the success of STITCH golf bags is their lightweight nature. The CEO of STITCH Golf is a longtime car enthusiast, particularly intrigued by Superleggera cars. Superleggera means superlight, durable, and strong—precisely what you're getting with the SL2 (it only weighs 57 ounces!). 


The SL2 bag features our unique STITCH Touring Fabric. As described by Golficity, this is a proprietary material that looks like leather. They mention it feels like a "good rain jacket." It delivers the smoothness of leather with remarkable water-resistant properties. 

Color Palette

The SL2 Golf Bag is available in 4 colors: navy, gray, white, and black. You'll also find it in a few limited edition colors and designs. Each can be personalized with initials and comes with the STITCH logo. It offers an orange accent that looks great with every color. 


Golficity described this bag as the golf bag any caddy will love. Part of the reason is due to its many compartments. 

The SL2 has everything a golfer would need and nothing extra. Users will enjoy a single divider that fits 14 clubs paired with two saddlebags for heavier items. There are also additional pockets for miscellaneous items like phones, wallets, and keys.


Golficity shares that if STITCH Golf accessories are anything like the SL2 bag, golfers have nothing to worry about when it comes to receiving a high-end product. We couldn't agree more! We carefully craft all our products and include all the bells and whistles. 

The idea behind STITCH sparked when two ideas fused: a passion for golf and vintage cars. Thus, the STITCH Leather Racer Headcover was born. It continues to be the best-selling headcover to this day!

Attention to Detail

Our friends at Golficity were impressed with the well-thought-out design of the SL2. Everything from the zippers to water-resistant fabric is high quality. At STITCH, we'll always prioritize the little details that make our products unique.

What's Golficity's Final Takeaway?

Golficity was blown away with the STITCH SL2 Golf Bag. They had great things to say about the personalization options, beautiful color palette, attention to detail, and more. 

They mention this being a golf bag that has everything you need with nothing extra. It's a product they recommend and utilize themselves. It means a lot coming from golfers who love the game just as much as we do.  

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