Mar 09, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

SL Cart Bag: The Best Golf Cart Bag in 2022?

There's been a lot of talk about the SL Cart Bag being the best in 2022. At a glance, we see a stunning, retro-inspired cart bag that includes a strap and several storage compartments. It seems pretty basic, right? This led us to our next question: What's so special about it?

We decided to review the SL Cart Bag to see what all the hype is about and whether the bag lives up to it. We go over features, specifications, and who it's intended for, leaving no stone unturned. 

If you're considering upgrading your old golf bag to the SL Cart Bag, this detailed review is for you. 


Stitch Golf has been around since 2012. A little backstory on this company is that the founder of Stitch grew up with a passion for golf but also had a fantastic eye for style. He always wanted to look good while he played, but unfortunately, the uniforms assigned to him during his high school golfing years were far from fashionable. 

He eventually brainstormed on the idea of creating stylish golfing gear that looked good without compromising quality. Thus the Stitch Leather Racer Headcover was born. This headcover continues to be a best-selling item to this day!

Nowadays, STITCH sells everything from apparel, golf gear, and travel bags. Among these is the SL Cart Bag, which has been a hit since its release date. Let's go over it in detail. 

SL Cart Bag Overview

Stitch is excited to offer this cart bag in its line-up of golf bags. This maker of high-quality golfing gear has produced other golf bags that are fine for golfers who want pencil bags, but only the original SL is a cart bag.

At a glance, the founder's vision for golfing accessories and equipment that look good stands true when it comes to the SL. It has a 70's retro-shaped inspired look that we haven't seen in a while. But what about the rest of it? 

Here are some praiseworthy aspects to consider: 

Durable Material

There's a lot of question about the material of this bag. 

Stitch uses Touring Fabric to make its bags. This high-end synthetic leather offers the strength of natural leather. The difference? It's more lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. After a few rounds using it, we'd have to agree these features hold true.


SL stands for Superleggera, which means light and durable in Italian. It weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces, making it extremely easy to carry even when loaded with clubs, golf balls, and other essentials. Carrying it to and from the course is a delightful breeze.

Ample Storage

The SL Cart measures 16.75 x 12 x 36 inches. It's the largest bag offered in Stitch's collection and among the most popular. 

There are several compartments that allow for ample storage. Stitch made it as functional as possible for the average golfer. Users can expect room for the following essentials: 

  • - Golf balls
  • - Golf gloves
  • - Clubs
  • - Water bottles
  • - Keys
  • - Phone
  • - Umbrella
  • - Pencils/pens
  • - Tees
  • - Sunscreen and bug spray
  • - And much more!


The SL Cart Bag is currently available in two colors: a sleek black and a professional navy. 

However, the cherry on top is the option to personalize it by adding a signature ingot. This way, there will be no confusion about who this luxurious bag belongs to at your golf club.

Who Is the SL Cart Bag For?

STITCH is one of the most recognized names for golf accessories. Its products are intended for all golfers regardless of skill or playing level. Regular PGA TOUR winners such as Brendon Todd, Patrick Reed, or Brooks Koepka have used STITCH products. 

To answer this question, the SL Cart Bag is for golfers, including you!

Pros and Cons

This review wouldn't be complete if we didn't tackle the pros and cons of the SL Cart. Here's what you need to know. 


  • - A 5-way open-top divider helps golfers organize clubs
  • - Offers ample storage for all essentials
  • - Stunning retro, 70s look keeps golfers looking stylish on the course
  • - Customizable with the choice to add a personalized ingot


  • - Only available in two colors

What to Consider When Choosing a Cart Bag

How do you compare cart bags and determine which is best for you? Here are five things to consider. 

1. Size and Weight

You're going to be lugging your golf cart bag around, so you might as well go with one that's comfortable to carry. 

Unless you have a caddie to carry your bag and clubs, size and weight need to be a concern. The last thing you want is hurting your back before even making it to the 1st tee. Things like material, number of pockets, and cooler features add to the size and weight.

Now, if you only plan on using this bag for riding, make sure it's not too difficult to lift. The caddies at the golf course will appreciate this as well!

If you're in between products and can't decide, weight is a great tie-breaker. The lighter one will be easier to take with you. And, light enough cart bags will also be great to add to pushcarts. 

2. Storage Space 

Ideally, what do you want to carry with you while you golf? If the size, weight, and price are right, we always say go with the option that offers the most storage. 

The SL Cart Bag offers spots for your phone, golf balls, water bottle, umbrella, tees, and much more. 

3. Full-Length Dividers

A divider system ensures clubs have their own space in the bag. This feature is crucial because dividers that don't offer ample space between slots will cause snagging when taking out the clubs. Trust us—this will get annoying very fast. 

Along with well-spaced dividers, look at how many dividers they have and whether they are top-level or full-length. The difference? Full-length dividers run all the way to the bottom. This top-to-bottom partition allows the club to go through the entire bag and not get banged up by the others. 

We strongly recommend you don't overlook the dividers that come with the golf cart bag.

4. Handle or Shoulder Strap?

Don't forget to check if the bag has a handle or a strap. There isn't a correct answer as to which is better because it's a personal preference. Go with the option that offers the most comfort and durability. 

We've found that most golfers prefer a well-padded strap. The padding makes it easy to carry from the car to the clubhouse. It may seem minor and even unnecessary for a cart bag. After all, the purpose of a cart bag is to carry it in the cart, right?

However, after an exhausting round, you'll be glad you have a bag that's so easy to lug around.

5. Appearance

It never hurts to have a great-looking piece of golfing gear. And, if it provides all the functionality you desire, even better! Consider style, color, and material. Do you want something subtle or a bag that will distinguish you from a crowd? 

And, personalizing the bag with your initials adds a nice personal touch to the look. It will also ensure no one takes yours by mistake. The SL Cart offers this feature for anyone interested. 

The Verdict 

As you can tell, the SL Cart Bag scores highly in appearance, durability, and functionality. Its high-end synthetic leather offers the strength of genuine leather, except it is lighter, more durable, and weather resistant. It provides impressive storage for its weight, customization options, and a stunning 70s retro look.

Stitch's first-ever cart bag will make an impression. It does live up to the hype, and we can see why so many people are raving about it. As always, you need to keep in mind your personal preferences before making a final shopping decision. Keep in mind things like size, weight, storage, features, and looks to figure out if the SL Cart Bag is right for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Stitch products good? 

Stitch is a well-known brand specializing in golf gear and equipment. Their products have outstanding reviews, and it’s not just amateur golfers who love Stitch products. Brand ambassadors, including pro golfers like Patrick Reed or Justin Thomas, regularly use Stitch gear.

Should I get a stand bag or a cart bag?

Stand and cart bags may look similar but are quite different. 

A stand bag comes with built-in legs that allow golfers to stand them upright on the green. It also has fewer pockets for storage when compared to a cart bag, which has several compartments. Due to its lightweight nature, a stand bag is an excellent option if you plan on walking the course or if you need a Sunday bag with minimal storage.

A cart bag is for carrying on a golf cart or pushcart. It is heavier than a stand bag and great if you prefer to move around in a trolley instead of walking the course. It is also very spacious. 

What golf bags do professional golfers use?

Professional golfers use what's known as a tour staff bag. If you've ever seen one, you know how much more massive it is compared to regular options. It’s not very light either, which is why golfers have someone else carrying them. Therefore, unless you're a pro golfer, you don't need a cart bag of this size. 

If it's the look that's caught your attention, consider the SL Cart Bag. It resembles a mini-tour bag with all the compartments for your golfing essentials at a fraction of the cost.