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Jan 09, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Pack Golf Clubs For Traveling? 8 Important Rules

When traveling on a golf trip, the last thing you want to happen is your clubs breaking. However, it can happen if you don't pack your gear correctly. 

Not only can this ruin your trip, but it can also cause you to fork out a good chunk of cash on a new set of clubs. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent damaging your clubs while on the road. 

Continue reading below to learn precisely how to pack your golf clubs for traveling. 

Avoid disaster; pack smart!

1) Use the Right Bag

Investing in a durable travel bag is the first thing you should do if you want to keep your clubs safe on the road. 

Various high-quality options are available that come with numerous compartments and features to protect your gear. You can find soft travel bags with water-resistant lining or hard case carriers that will prevent your clubs from bending. 

Take the time to research different travel bags, and find one that fits all your needs. One of the top options is the MUT Multi-use Traveler Bag. This bag has the versatility of transitioning from a roller duffle to a golf travel bag with just a single zipper. And your purchase also includes a torsion bar to provide extra club protection. With the MUT Multi-use Traveler Bag, you can be sure that your clubs are safe and secure when you travel.

2) Detach the Heads

While it may not be possible to remove the heads from all your clubs, try and detach them whenever you can. By removing the heads, you'll reduce the chances of them bending or breaking off while traveling. Putting in the time to detach the heads from your clubs is one of the easiest ways to protect them on the road. 

After removing the head, make sure to wrap it in a towel or some form of cover before placing it in your bag. Also, remember to mark which head belongs to which club to make it easier to attach it when you're ready to play. 

3) Fill Up Any Empty Space

Even after adding in your clubs, apparel, balls, tees, and towels, you may find that you still have space in your bag. 

One excellent way to protect your set of clubs is to fill that empty space with bubble wrap, spare towels, or other packing materials. Doing so will prevent your club shafts from scratching or rubbing against each other while in transit. 

4) Take Direct Flights Whenever Possible

Putting your clubs on one plane can be highly stressful, so you can expect even more worry if you've booked a connecting flight. The more your bag moves around, the greater the chances of something going wrong. As a result, it's best to book a direct flight whenever possible. 

If you have to take a connecting flight, make sure you prepare your gear for the extensive transit. 

5) Use a Stiff Arm

Stiff arms are a simple yet effective way to protect your golf clubs while traveling. Think of it as another club, but much longer. It will take the most force from a fall if your bag is mishandled at the airport. 

You can find stiff arms online or at most golf shops, and they tend to run under $30. It's a considerably small investment if it can protect your expensive set of clubs.  

6) Ship Your Clubs Ahead of Time

Perhaps the best way to protect your golf clubs in transit is to ship them separately. You never have to worry about checking in, carrying your bag, or trusting your precious clubs with airline staff. Luckily, various companies will ship your clubs at rates similar to checking them at the airport. 

Moreover, they typically come with a one-day shipping guarantee, tracking services, and insurance to make you feel more at ease on the road. If you think carrying your clubs with you as you travel is too much of a hassle, then shipping them ahead of time is the best alternative. 

7) Make Your Bag Easy To Identify

While most people probably won't be traveling with a set of golf clubs, it's still crucial to have some form of identification on your bag. You can tie on a bandana, pom pom, keychain, or anything that will help you know which clubs are yours. 

Many travel bags come with an insert for you to put a business card or contact information. Be sure to at least have your name and phone number somewhere on your bag if you misplace it. 

8) Travel Light

Keeping track of your golf gear is already a lot of work—no need to add any extra stress by lugging around multiple bags. 

Instead, travel as lightly as possible. Not only will this allow you to look after your clubs, but it will also make your journey more comfortable. If you're going for a weekend trip, you may be able to fit all your belongings into your carry-on luggage. 

How Much Does It Cost To Check a Golf Bag on a Plane?

For starters, most airlines consider golf bags as “oversized luggage.” That said, the cost to check a golf bag on a plane varies between airlines. However, the price is typically somewhere between $50 and $150, depending on weight. That's why many golfers prefer shipping their bags ahead of time since it's cheaper and safer. 

If shipping isn't an option, try to make your bag as light as possible to reduce check-in costs. Your bag will likely weigh around 30 pounds with a complete set of 14 clubs and a few necessary accessories. 


Fewer things in life are more enjoyable than taking a golf trip and playing on an entirely new course. However, your “care-free getaway” can quickly become a nightmare if you don't pack your clubs properly. Fortunately, the tips above will reduce your chances of breaking your clubs while in transit. 

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