Aug 08, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Is Club Fitting Worth It for High Handicappers?

If you fall into the high handicap category, usually 18 or 19 and above, you're probably used to people advising you on improving your golf game. Whether that's a well-intentioned friend who tuts ever so slightly under their breath after each miscued shot or a stranger in the clubhouse who feels bold enough to hand out putting tips, getting the right kind of information and encouragement can be tricky. 

While unsolicited advice can be annoying, one potential option to raise your game is to get a club fitting - a detailed analysis of your swing to find the best club to use. It sounds great, but not everybody's on board - let's look at the benefits. 

The Benefits of Fitted Golf Clubs Apply to High Handicappers

Those with a high handicap are often told thatfitted golf clubs are not worth it for their level, a statement that may sound both arrogant and shortsighted to a player. Golf is a game that can take years to get to the kind of level you want to play at, and who's to say you shouldn't use a golf fitting to get there? 

1. Increased knowledge of the Game

Getting fitted golf clubs is primarily about maximizing your swing but also opens up a whole new world in golf understanding. Whereas you used to think that you should just hit the ball as hard as you could to get the greatest distance, after a fitting, you'll have a much clearer understanding of spin and the minor differences that can come from using different types and lengths of clubs. 

2. A Better Understanding of Your Golf Swing

Above all else, a club fitting gives you the clearest possible insight into your swing and how to get the most from it. One of the arguments against getting a fitting for high handicappers is that it takes the focus away from improving your swing by simply adapting you to it. There is some truth to this. It doesn't matter how accurate your golf fitting is. If your swing is monstrous, you're always going to struggle. 

However, when you combine a club fitting with intense practice and even some lessons, the results can be incredible if you stick with it. 

3. Helps Improve Your Game

Hitting double-bogey, triple-bogey, double-bogey isn't any fun. The longer you continue like that, the faster you'll tire of golf and look for another pastime. At its core, getting a golf fitting is designed to raise your game quickly, and if that's your goal, there's no better way. 

Having fitted clubs should allow you to hit the ball closer to the center of the clubface more regularly, which can dramatically change your game. It won't prepare you for the PGA Tour overnight, but it will give you a significant leg up. 

4. Boosts Your Fun Level 

When you're terrible at golf but want to remain part of a social crowd that regularly plays, it can be a tedious experience. While everybody else is playing straight and tight, you're digging around in the trees for a ball that has once again careened off course. 

Improving your game through a golf fitting will inevitably boost your mood while playing. Instead of dreading that first tee-off, it'll soon become something you can't wait for. 

Why High Handicappers May Need More Than One Fitting

Another factor that high handicap golf fitting detractors use is that you might need more than one fitting, which some argue equals a waste of money. However, again, this misses the bigger picture. Yes, you may well need a second or even third fitting as your handicap comes tumbling down, but this is because your swing and overall game are rapidly improving. 

If you have a fitting when your handicap is 50, the chances are it will be very different when it's 19. It's not that the fitting is a waste of time and money; it's that your swing has changed so much that you need fresh optimization. This contributes to the cost, but it's absolutely worth it if you're serious about improving. 

Where Should High Handicappers Get Fitted Clubs?

You can go to various places as a high handicapper to get fitted clubs. 

  • Golf Club - This is the best place to start if you're a club member. Many clubs offer fitting services to their members and often have links to manufacturers or retailers where you can purchase the recommended clubs. 
  • Golf Retailers - Shops often have different clubs you can try, though it might be challenging to find a comprehensive fitting. 
  • Independent Club Fitters - Companies specializing in golf fittings are often among the best places to go and offer excellent services. 
  • Manufacturer Fitting Centres - If there's a particular manufacturer you’re into, it's always worth checking whether they have their own fitting centers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At What Handicap Should You Get Fitted?

For those with a very high handicap of over 30 to 40, it might be worth focusing on technique before buying entirely new and expensive clubs, but getting fitted clubs will improve every handicap. Anything between 19 and 25 is certainly worth getting fitted for. 

Final Thoughts

Golf can be frustrating initially, but when it begins to click, it's a glorious way to spend your time. There's not really a magic handicap figure that you should reach before getting a fitting. It's simply about doing whatever you need to improve your game, which should include plenty of practice, the odd lesson here and there if you can, and plenty of patience. 

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