Apr 28, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Tell If Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long

Perfecting your golfing performance is an ongoing task. No player is truly finished honing their game. Multiple factors go into an excellent performance, from stamina to balance and everything in between. A significantly important factor, however, is your equipment, and arguably most important is your golf club.

You may have never thought about it before, but your golf club could be entirely too long, and it could be hindering your performance! This guide will walk you through how to tell if your club is too long and how to obtain the perfect size. Let's jump in!

4 Ways To Tell If Your Clubs Are Too Long

Knowing whether or not your golf clubs are too long isn't always easy. Sometimes the difference can be incredibly subtle, but it still matters. Without the proper golf clubs, your entire game could be compromised. We've listed six key indicators to help you correctly identify the problem. 

  1. Completely Upright Posture During Play

One tell-tale sign is your posture. While a completely upright posture might be considered good manners at the dinner table, it isn't appropriate on the golf course. You shouldn't be hunched over when you swing, but instead, have a slight tilt to your shoulders. Improper posture can seriously strain your body, so this is important to get right. 

  1. Improper Golf Swing

This relatively nebulous term for golf makes it challenging to look out for. However, one thing you will undoubtedly pick up on when swinging with a golf club that's too long is inconsistent trajectory. If you find that your ball isn't going in the direction you want it to or is flying too high or too low, it could be due to the length of your club. 

  1. Clubs Feel Too Heavy During Play

The longer your clubs, the more they will weigh. This might only be a slight difference, but as all golf players know, every ounce counts during your swing. If using your clubs feels too laborious during a game, especially during extended play, it may be due to too much weight from your clubs. This can lead to inconsistent swings and more shallow angles, as your body can't maintain the strength required to swing the heavier club. 

  1. Stand Too Far From the Ball

If you feel like you're standing too far from the ball when it's your turn to swing, it could be because your clubs are too long. Compare your form to other players; do they stand as far away? If not, it might be time to resize your clubs. Standing too far from the ball might not seem like a huge problem initially, but it affects your body's ability to rotate - limiting the power you can put into your swing

What Length Golf Clubs Do You Need?

Self Measurement

  1. Measure Your Height 

Start by taking your height into account. The same golf club in the hands of a taller person will make for a much steeper swing than that of a shorter person. The best way to measure yourself is to stand straight against a wall, mark the top of your head with a pencil, and then measure that length with a tape measure.

  1. Measure the Distance Between Your Wrists And the Ground

Your height alone isn't enough for an accurate measurement. You also need to measure your arm's length. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands by your sides. Have a friend measure the distance between your wrists to the ground using a tape measure. 

  1. Compare How the Golf Club Sits on the Ground

Ideally, do this step in a store where plenty of clubs are available. Hold the club as you usually would and compare which feels the most comfortable and which rests on the ground the easiest. It's always best to have them adequately fitted (see more below), but this is an effective way of gaining insight into whether you need a longer or shorter club. 

  1. Use These Measurements to Determine the Correct Golf Club Length For You

Manufacturers design golf clubs to match the average height for the country they're sold in, but every country has a different average. In the US, the average height of men is 5'9''. If this is you, congratulations! You can use a standard golf club with no adjustments. You may need to alter your clubs if you're taller or shorter. 

Club Fitting

If you bought your clubs online or as a generic set, the likelihood is that they don't fit perfectly. This isn't an immediate problem. Generic clubs won't work for many people. However, their generic nature may cause some significant issues for newer players. Ask your local golf shop if they offer proper fitting for clubs

Test Clubs

Different manufacturers make their clubs in different ways. What is standard from one manufacturer could be completely different from another. When shopping around, try to pay attention to the specific measurements wherever available. This will prove more helpful than simply ordering long or short. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better for golf clubs to be too long or too short?

Neither is ideal, but with shorter clubs, you will notice that you can't achieve as high of a trajectory. You need a club that fits you perfectly to maximize your player potential. 

Can I shorten my golf clubs?

Absolutely! Anyone with the correct knowledge and tools can complete the process, but for the best results, go to a professional. They'll be able to fit your club to the size perfect for you. 

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