May 03, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Polish Golf Clubs

Playing golf is about more than simply your time on the green- regular maintenance of your clubs is required. Those serious about golfing want to make a good impression with the striking appearance of clean and cared-for clubs, and part of that involves regularly cleaning and polishing them. Also, periodically maintaining your golf clubs is essential to keep your game at its peak. Debris left on the face of the club could obstruct your game or alter your strike and the ball's spin. 

Polishing your golf clubs between sessions of play is essential for a pleasing appearance on the field and playing to the best of your ability without debris altering your performance. You'll always win with polished clubs. Ready to learn more? Let's swing into it!

Getting Ready to Polish Your Clubs

Keeping your golf clubs in good condition and attractive is worth the effort! There's nothing like pulling out a golf club that looks brand new on the field. The first step is gathering everything you need in one place before cleaning and polishing. Below is everything you need for the conventional polishing method of golf clubs. 

  • Sponge or cleaning rag
  • Clean bucket
  • Mild liquid dishwashing soap or specialty soap
  • Chrome or steel polish
  • Warm Water
  • Cold Water

Polishing Your Golf Clubs

1. Mixing Up Warm Water and Mild Soap

Fill the bucket with warm water. You don't want it to be too hot, as this could loosen the ferrule on the golf club, making the head less stable. Use a mild liquid dishwashing soap - or specialty soap if you prefer. Make sure only to submerge the head of the club and don't allow the water to reach the ferrule. 

2. Submerge the Club Several Times for 5 to 10 Minutes

Depending on how messy your golf club is, you may only need to submerge it for 5 minutes. If the club's head is caked with dirt, possibly from being used during the wet season, you may need to submerge it for 10 minutes instead. 

3. Remove from Water and Scrub Clubheads

After you've soaked the club head in the warm, soapy water, it's time to scrub. Using a toothbrush or a thick-bristle brush, scrub away at the face of the club. An important note: don't use a wire-bristle brush during this process, as it can damage the face of the club, altering its performance. If your club is extremely dirty, thoroughly brush until you have removed the dirt. Be aware: hardened dirt left on the club can sometimes result in rusting. 

4. Rinse with Cold Water

Be mindful not to let the ferrules get wet. If you mistakenly get water on the ferrules, wipe them dry. Rinse the club using cold water. Dry the club with soft fabric.

5. Apply Chrome or Steel Polish 

Apply your chrome or steel polish to the club with a rag. Make little swirls with a little bit of pressure around the club. After polishing, give it a few minutes to dry. Then rub it again using a different clean, soft rag. As you do this, you'll see how the club becomes shinier. 

6. Store the Bag Somewhere Safe

We recommend having a designated cabinet to store your golf clubs and keep them safe. You can also keep your clubs in your golf bag, covered with cellophane, cloth, or a protective headcover. Store them somewhere dry and cool to keep them safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay to Polish Golf Clubs? 

It is absolutely okay to polish golf clubs! This helps keep them shiny and attractive, and because cleaning them is part of the process, it helps ensure a good condition for play. There's nothing like pulling out a shiny golf club on the field! 

What Can I Use To Polish My Golf Clubs?

When polishing your clubs, use chrome or steel polish. This will help them shine! After you apply it with a soft rag using the process detailed above, you'll see the difference it makes! You'll be proud to show off your newly-polished club on the field!

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