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Jan 11, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Organize Golf Bags for Push Carts Properly

If you're an avid golfer, you know the effect using a push cart can have on your game. Freeing you up from the burden of lugging your clubs across the green on your back, you can put your full attention and physical exertion into the game. 

But if your golf bag isn't properly organized, will a push cart have a positive impact? Even if you're a pro at arranging your bag to carry around the course, the slight tilt of a push cart demands you rethink your organization from the ground up. Once you understand the best way to set up your golf bag for successful push cart use, you'll be unstoppable.

Here's everything you need to know about push carts and organizing your golf bag for the utmost functionality. 

Why Should You Use Golf Push Carts?

Opting for a push cart has some key advantages over carrying your bag. Some may view carrying their golf bag as a right of passage or a sign of their commitment to the game. But this belief lives in the mindset of a novice. Here are some reasons why professionals and seasoned hobbyists alike choose a push cart.

Golf bags are heavy. When full, they often weigh at least 30 pounds. Lugging this heavy bag around on your back all day is bound to make you sweat. A push cart is for you if you want to avoid the signature sweat stain running down your back. You'll still get plenty of exercise pushing your cart across the course while feeling and looking fresh.

Research shows that nearly half of all golf-related injuries stem from the lower back. And while some of this has to do with the swing, unnecessary exertion is spent carrying a heavy golf bag. This constant extra strain on your back could increase your chance of injury.  

Another huge benefit of push carts is amenities and accessories. While no two carts are the same, they frequently come equipped with useful add-ons, like cup holders or coolers. You may gain added storage space for things like score cards, golf towels, snacks, and more. If convenience is important to you, a push cart is the way to go.

While some may think of a drivable electric golf cart as the best of all worlds, this isn't always the case. Sure, you can pack your cart full of all the essentials you need, but the speed of the cart may not save you that much time when it comes to playing. 

For example, some courses may only allow carts in certain areas, meaning you'll have to park your cart and boogie over to your ball repeatedly. In doing so, you miss out on the fun of socializing with your fellow golfers. Plus, you lose out on a lot of the physical health benefits of golf as well. 

Types of Golf Push Carts

“Push cart” has become a catch-all term for these types of devices, but not all push carts are the same. Here's a breakdown of the few basic types you'll find on the market today. 

Standard Push Cart

A typical push cart has three wheels that allow it to stand on its own. This cart is designed to be pushed in front of a golfer with the golf bag resting at a backward angle. The clubs face the golfer as they move across the green.

Additionally, push carts are typically larger than other varieties and offer more features. They often have greater storage capacity for accessories you'll need during your game, like golf gloves and water bottles. Often, they feature hand brakes that allow the user to secure their cart on rough terrain or downward inclines to prevent it from rolling away.

Pull Cart

On the other hand, a pull cart is a more minimal device with two wheels. As you probably can guess, it is pulled behind the golfer instead of pushed ahead. 

While these used to be the most popular cart to carry golf bags, their prevalence has declined since modern push carts hit the market. While they don't offer as many added features, traditional pull carts can still get the job done.

Electric Trolley

Electric trollies are essentially battery-powered push carts. Some models feature remote controls while others have sensors that allow the trolley to follow the golfer as they walk. 

These carts are excellent options for people who cannot manually pull or push their cart due to physical disability or injury.

How To Organize Golf Bags For Push Carts

While no two golf bags are the same, some universal organizational steps apply to almost all types of bags. Here's a basic overview of how to set up your golf bag for use with a push cart.

Secure Your Bag 

First, you'll want to ensure that your bag is securely fastened to your cart. Not all carts have the same security system, but typically this step involves an assortment of straps that will snugly attach your golf bag to the push cart. It'll be easier to organize your golf bag, especially for beginners, when it's already strapped in position. 

Sort Through and Clean Items

Next, go through all the odds and ends you typically haul across the course. Discern what you actually need with you and what has been weighing you down. If there are towels you don't use or old broken accessories, chuck them. 

Carefully clean your clubs before loading them into your bag. When it comes time to play, you'll be glad that you did.

Long Clubs First

Now it's time to load your bag. Begin first with the longer clubs. This will typically include your driver and your woods. There will most likely be 14 individual slots in a cart bag, one for each of your clubs. 

The driver should go into the upper left-hand corner. Add wood clubs to the right of the driver. This way, your longest clubs will be towards the back of the bag.

Irons Next

Irons come next. Continue placing your irons into the bag in descending order. In a cart bag, this often lands them towards the middle.

Short Clubs Last

Last, you'll add your wedges and putters. Keep arranging them in descending order. Putters sometimes have a special tube on the side of the bag that could also be utilized. Whichever route you go, the putter should always be the final club to go into your bag.

Add Accessories 

Add in your accessories! 

Consider what you use more frequently and place those items in more accessible pockets or clip them to the exterior of your bag. After that, you're all set.


In 2020 alone, 3 million people played golf for the first time. As a quickly-spreading sport for both pros and hobbyists, golf is here to stay. 

With so many beginners stepping onto the course for the first time, good practices and habits must be instilled in players from the get-go. 

Knowing how to organize your golf bag for a push cart properly can make your experience of storing and retrieving clubs seamless, so you can focus on improving your game.