Jan 24, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Make Golf Bag Tubes

If you have a trusted old faithful golf bag, you may not be ready to swap it out for a modern equivalent. Your bag is your pal - think of all the times you’ve shared out on the green! There’s a problem, though: older golf bags don’t tend to have tubes or dividers.

Golf tubes keep your clubs organized, protecting them and your bag from damage. Think of them as an investment to keep your head in the game!

Making protective tubing is simple, too. In minimal time, you just may upgrade your bag as well as your game.

Why Do You Need Golf Bag Tubes in the First Place?

Protect Your Clubs

Golf tubes offer protection by stopping your clubs from knocking against one another, preventing marks and scarring. Pitting and scars may weaken the shaft of a club, negatively impacting a player’s swing as well as the longevity of the club.

Golf tubes also stop the clubs from rubbing against the bag’s interior. When your clubs are not being used, the tubes protect them from the nasty accumulation of dust and grime.

Keep Your Golf Bag Organized

Most players understand the frustration of not having the right club at hand - and at the right moment. In this way, tubes keep your clubs organized so you’ll find the right iron for your next strategic play. 

Additionally, searching for clubs may distract you from a winning shot. Simply put: this low-level stress certainly won’t aid your concentration.

Golfing bags are angled at the top to allow for the organization of the clubs by height. This ensures that smaller, weightier clubs don’t damage the shafts on the long irons.

Before we get into DIY golf tubing, let’s go over bag organization. Trust us - it’ll come in handy. Keep your shortest clubs - like the sand wedge and pitching wedge - at the bottom of the bag, helping to evenly distribute weight. Then, place mid-length clubs in the middle section and the longest clubs at the end.

It may sound simple, but organizing your bag in this way makes it easier to hold and carry - with the heaviest clubs at the top and the lightest ones at the bottom.

Easily Spot a Misplaced or Lost Golf Club

Because golf clubs are different sizes and lengths, it’s easy for shorter clubs to disappear into the depths of your bag.

Adding tubes gives each club a designated space, particularly if you then add a bag divider. It’s easy to find clubs you don’t use very often, and you’ll never lose a club again. Now, on to the main event!

How To Make Golf Bag Tubes

Even if your golf bag has dividers, golf tubes will add an extra layer of protection for your clubs, making it easier to get the most out of your time on the course.

To make the tubes, you’ll need a length of PVC pipe measured to fit your bag, a hacksaw, PVC primer, and cement. You’ll also need a piece of foam padding for the interior of the tube and cloth or vinyl for the exterior - plus some glue!

Don’t forget that under the United States Golf Association rules, players are only allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen clubs.

Let’s go over the steps!

  1. Cut the pipe to the correct length using the hacksaw. (If you have a handy friend, feel free to enlist their help for this section. Safety first!)
  2. Clean the ends of the pipe with the PVC primer and cement to help form a bond with the interior foam and the outside covering.
  3. Cut a piece of cloth or vinyl large enough to wrap around the circumference of the tube with a few inches to spare.
  4. Glue this to the pipe.
  5. Cut the foam padding to size using the outside of the pipe as a measurement, again with a few extra inches of overlap.
  6. Glue this to the inside of the pipe.
  7. Pop the tube into your bag and insert a club with the head uppermost and the shaft down.

If you’re looking to group your clubs by size, we recommend purchasing - or creating! - a bag divider at this point. One of these bad boys will make it even easier to find your club of choice.

Adding club headcovers offers optimal protection for the part of the club that protrudes out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between a Golf Bag Tube and Divider?

Dividers and golf tubes both separate the clubs to protect them from scrapes and knocks, but golf tubes also stop them from rubbing the inside of the bag. Modern golf bags tend to come with dividers in place, but many older bags come without dividers or golf tubes. 

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