Oct 13, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Hang a Golf Towel With a Hole in the Middle

Have you been out on the green and noticed that other golfers have towels hanging from their bags or carts when yours is at the bottom of your bag, or maybe you haven’t even got one? 

Golf towels are the unsung heroes that’ll keep your golfing game strong in small ways. Clean balls, clubs, and grips are an absolute must to keep your golf game improving. Ensure you add a golf cloth to your list of must-have accessories, and learn how to hang your towel from your golf bag so you’ve always got it at hand!

Why Do Some Golf Towels Have a Hole in the Middle?

Any good golfer knows that you need to have several essential items packed away in your bag, and there’s no doubt that golf towels are one of these items. Imagine this: you’re playing a round on a wet day, beating your golf balls around the course, resulting in mud and dirt. You must allow yourself the best shot possible, so cleaning that dirt away with a golf towel is necessary. 

However, this isn’t the end of a towel’s use! It would be best to keep your golfing equipment clean and give some TLC to get your game as good as possible, avoiding any unwanted build-up in rust and dirt. After all, equipment isn’t cheap, so as well as allowing you to take pride in your game, having a golf cloth at hand will allow you to protect your wallet, too. 

While extreme weather will result in even the biggest games of golf being suspended, many golfers like to take to the green in all weather, so having a towel at hand will help you as you play. The ball is one of the most essential pieces in your games, so make sure you always clean your ball before each shot so that dirt doesn’t ruin your shot by making the ball slip away. 

So, what’s the importance of having a hole in the middle of it? While it might seem odd, the hole in the center fits around the club head, so golfers can easily clean their clubs and balls after each shot. This is especially handy for those who don’t have access to a cleaning station on the course and want to keep their hands, clubs, and balls clean.

How Do You Use a Golf Towel With a Hole in the Middle?

All you need to do is place the hole over your club or hang your golf towel and take it around the course. Then, when you need to clean, you have your towel at hand. 

It’s best to use your towel for the following: 

  • Cleaning dirty clubs 
  • Cleaning dirty golf balls 
  • Wiping down grips 
  • Wiping sweat away 
  • Cleaning golf bag
  • Cleaning golf shoes

The Importance of Hanging a Golf Towel

So why do you need a golf towel, and why not keep your towel in the bottom of your bag? While it might seem unnecessary to hang your cloth and keep it in a pocket, you must take care of it - after all, it’s taking care of everything else!

Firstly, for ease of use, hanging your golf towel around your club or on your bag will make life more straightforward on the course. Rather than ruffling through your bag, searching high and low for your hidden away towel, you won’t waste time on the green and have to make a mess. 

Moreover, hanging a towel keeps it dry and clean, preventing it from getting lost or misplaced while going around the course. Imagine reaching for your cloth only to realize you’ve left it on the other side of the green. 

How To Hang a Golf Towel With (Or Without) A Hole in the Middle

Step 1: Find a Carabiner or Clip and Attach

A carabiner or clip is a great device to use when looking to hang your towel. Take either device and slide it through the hole in the middle of your golf cloth. If you don’t have a golf towel with a hole in the middle, does your towel have a label that you have to hook the devices through? 

Please make sure to attach your towel, whatever kind, securely so you don't lose your towel around the green. 

Step 2: Choose Where To Place The Towel 

You’ll need to find a strap or hook spot on your golf bag or cart to attach the towel, with or without a hole, securely. If you don’t have hooks or straps on your bag, then using a carabiner or clip will be handy; you can attach the carabiner or clip to the handle of your bag or another appropriate spot. 

Step 3: Hang The Towel 

Now that you’ve prepared and have found a good spot, take the carabiner or clip and attach it to the hook or strap of your golf bag. Then, remember to check if it’s a good fit. Does it hang freely and stay out of contact with the ground? If the answer is yes, you’re good to go! 

But remember to take the time to check. Otherwise, you might find yourself dragging your towel through the dirt and unable to use it as you intended. With golf providing physical and mental health benefits, you don't want to let a ruined towel result in rusty equipment. After all, if the weather or lack of cleaning ruins your equipment, it’ll prevent you from getting out on the green and enjoying all the health benefits golf offers. 

Step 4: Adjust the Height

Please adjust the towel's height to suit your preference, depending on where it sits on your golf bag or cart. You can change the strap or height of the hook to get your towel into its perfect position. 

Step 5: Enjoy Your Game!

If you’ve followed steps 1-4 so far and are happy, congratulations! You’re ready to get out on the green. 

Having successfully hung your towel, with or without the hole in the middle, you can enjoy the perks of having it at hand. Play your game as you would and watch how your game improves from a little clean here and there, especially on a wet or dirty day, and say goodbye to losing your towel halfway around the green. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does a Golf Towel Go on a Golf Bag?

The beauty of choosing where to hang your towel is that you can adjust it to your preference and your golf cart type. So, as long as your towel hangs freely and away from the ground (even as you move), you can put the towel anywhere you like. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a golf towel with a hole in the middle or without, you can hang it on your bag to keep your clubs, hands, and balls clean. It’s essential for your game that you dispel any inaccuracies. Likewise, many golfers like to use towels because they take pride in caring for their equipment.

So discover Stitch Golf’s cotton towel today to help keep the dirt at bay, and our extensive range of apparel that will always leave you looking your best!