Sep 01, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How to Clean Golf Grips

The beauty of being a golfer is that you can get on the green to enjoy nature and perform your sport, rain or shine. With such versatile conditions, it’s easy to understand how your golfing equipment will pick up general wear and tear, including dirt and grime. 

It’s crucial that to keep your golf game solid and confident, you give your golfing grips some much-needed TLC. The last thing you want on the green is the feel of your clubs distracting you, but with regular cleaning, you won’t have to worry about your grips letting you down.

What You Will Need: Essential Supplies

Whether you’re new to golfing or have gone all out and customized your golf clubs, it’s important to take care of your gear. Make sure you have the following before starting your cleaning procedure: 

  • A sink or a bucket
  • Clean sponge or soft scrub brush
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water 
  • A towel

Step 1: Mix Soap and Water

Pour dish soap into your bucket or sink, then add warm water. You don’t want the water to be too hot to avoid making your hands uncomfortable. Nor do you want it too cold, else the cleaning process won’t be as effective. 

Reducing your water use is important, so when filling up, ensure you only collect enough warm water to cover the grips of your golf clubs. To make things easier, cleaning the grips outside is best to avoid making a mess inside.

Step 2: Apply Soapy Water

Dunk your clean brush or sponge in the warm, soapy water, then from top to bottom, scrub the grip, wiping away any dirt or grime. 

Step 3: Rinse

Collect warm water in a different container, but only as much as you need. Once you’ve scrubbed, rinse your grips in the warm, non-soapy water. 

Step 4: Dry

Once you’ve rinsed your grips, wipe them down with a clean cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth, to prevent fibers from latching onto the grips. 

Step 5: Air Dry

It’s essential to leave your grips to air dry on a dry towel entirely before returning them to your golf bag or practicing your strong golf grip. If you clean your golf grips outside, you can rest them on a clean surface in the sun if you don't have a spare towel. 

Step 6: Repeat

Once you’ve done one grip, make sure to do them all. Waiting until your grips are too dirty to play means more thorough cleaning, so go through your whole bag each time you clean to give your clubs some much-needed TLC.

Cleaning all your grips should only take 15 minutes, so don’t be put off cleaning.

Another Option: Grip Cleaning Wipes

If you’re one of the 3.3 million new golfers who played golf last year, maybe you don’t have time for the warm water and dish soap method before you’ll be practicing how to grip a golf club or taking your gear out on the green. 

So why not consider keeping some cleaning wipes at hand in case you need to give them a quick clean? Buying specialized cleaning wipes designed to get rid of dirt and grime will clean your grips quickly without making the mess that soap and water will. All you need is to wipe the grips down and let them dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Golf Grips?

When cleaning your golf club grips, you want to ensure you aren’t ruining them. That’s why washing with dish soap and warm water, then a cloth or a soft brush is the best option. This way, you can clean regularly without the worry of ruining the grips.

Can I Use Alcohol to Clean Golf Grips?

When cleaning your golf grips, it’s best to use soap and water or buy wipes designed explicitly for golfing grips. Rubbing alcohol may dry out your grip with time, so it isn’t always the best option for cleaning.

How Do You Use Windex on Golf Grips?

If you want to restore the authentic feel of your clubs after your soap and water process, spray a little Windex on a damp cloth, then apply it to the grips to improve your grip traction. Follow the washing process with dish soap and water before adding the Windex. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re cleaning your clubs, chances are you take pride in your golfing equipment and want your clubs and apparel to look their best. 

Giving your golf grips the TLC they deserve doesn’t have to be a time-consuming feat. With dish soap and warm water, your golf grips look and feel as good as new. Get the rest of your premium golfing gear and high-quality apparel looking as fresh as your clubs by checking out our collection today!