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Jan 01, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Arrange Golf Clubs in a Standard Bag?

If you take golf lessons with a reputable instructor, chances are they'll teach you how to arrange your clubs before you play your first hole. 

That's because arranging your golf bag will make you a better golfer overall. Luckily, keeping your golf bag organized is quite a simple process. 

Once you get into the habit of keeping your golf bag organized, you'll start to notice how much more enjoyable the game is. 

Continue reading below to learn how to put golf clubs in your bag the right way. 

How Many Clubs Can I Play With?

The USGA allows players to carry up to 14 clubs while on the course. A typical set will include drivers, woods, irons, wedges, and putters, but there are no limits on what combination you can bring. 

That said, here's what a standard set of clubs looks like on the fairway: 

  • 1 Driver
  • 1 Wood
  • 1 Hybrid
  • 7 Irons
  • 3 Wedges
  • 1 Putter

Know Your Bag Type

Before you start thinking about arranging your clubs, you need to know what kind of divider setup you're working with. There are different golf bags, and each store clubs in their own way. 

Here's a glimpse at how most golf bags work:

  • 4-Way Dividers: Most Sunday or stand bags will come with a 4-way divider system of four large slots.
  • 5-Way Dividers: A bag with five large slots. Again, standard with stand bags.
  • 6-Way Dividers: These bags have six medium-sized slots. Mostly common with stand bags.
  • 10-Way Dividers: A bag with ten small slots. Commonly found on cart bags.
  • 14-Way Divider: A bag with an individual slot for each club. More common with cart bags.

Step 1) Remove Everything From Your Bag

The best way to start organizing your gear is to know your exact inventory. Take out all your clubs, balls, tees, gloves, umbrellas, or anything else that may be hiding deep away in the compartments. Next, neatly line up your clubs, starting with your driver and descending to your putter. 

Now's a good time to get rid of any items you never use. Even small things like tees and balls can get in the way and cause unnecessary stress while on the course. The more space you have, the more room to think. 

Furthermore, this is also a great excuse to give your clubs a nice washing. Since you have them all out and neatly lined up, feel free to give them all a good scrub. 

Step 2) Grab Your Longest Clubs

The longest clubs should go in first. If you're using a cart bag or one with individual dividers for each club, place your driver in the top left slot closest to the shoulder strap. 

Then, add your woods and other clubs in descending order. In short, longer clubs should always be in the back near the shoulder straps. 

Step 3) Put in Your Irons

Your irons should go in after your woods. The irons typically go in the middle section if you have a stand bag that doesn't have individual dividers. 

For cart bags, place them in the appropriate slot after the driver and woods. 

Step 4) the Rest of Your Clubs

You should be left with your wedges and putter after adding your driver, woods, and irons. Follow the same rules above and place them in descending order for these clubs. 

Your putter should be the last club you add to your bag. 

After adding your clubs, feel free to remove any you think you won't need. It could give you more clarity and reduce the weight of your golf bag. 

Step 5) Add Everything Else

Once your clubs are out of the way, you can put all your accessories back in your bag. Like with your clubs, try and think about what you use when you play. 

You could sacrifice those old gloves to fit a new range finder. The goal is to make your bag as light as possible while still carrying everything you need to perform at your best. 

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Golf Bag Organized?

Being good at golf is all about lining up your shots, perfecting your swing, and getting those long-distance putting shots, right? Well, this is what being good at golf is about on the surface, but a lot more goes into being a good golfer than dropping shots. 

While you may not see the value of spending time arranging clubs and cleaning your golf bag, it's hard to deny that staying organized will make you a better player. After all, most pros and serious golfers have some form of organization for their bags. 

Plus, concentration is a vital trait of any great sports player! 

You don't need to be overzealous about neatness to enjoy the game. As long as you find a system that works for you, keep at it. 


All golfers should be proactive about keeping their clubs and bags organized. Not only does it make golf more enjoyable, but it can also improve your performance on the course. It may take some time, but arranging your clubs will eventually become second nature. 

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