Jan 16, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How Much Should a Beginner Spend on Golf Clubs?

As a beginner to the great sport of golf, you may feel overwhelmed into spending too much on sporting gear. Researching and making informed decisions are essential to getting off on the right swing. 

We’re here to guide you through complex choices as a beginner - from the amount you're like to pay for equipment to the best clubs for beginners

How Much Should a Beginner Golfer Pay For Clubs? 

To estimate the average costs for beginners, you'll need a ballpark figure for everything included. A starter kit should include a good set of irons, three wood, and a putter. 

New golf clubs start at around $350. However, you'll naturally find better club quality as you spend more. As a beginner, we wouldn't advise you to spend more than $1000 for clubs, even if you want the best. 

Better equipment usually does correlate with a more leisurely time honing your skills in a game like golf. But, if you're not sure that golf is your game yet, it's not so crucial that you have the best clubs. Start small!

Beginner vs. Advanced Clubs

The difference between beginner and advanced clubs is evident in the club's quality. Beginner clubs are surely easier to hold, made with prominent club faces and giving you that sense of satisfaction with every touch. 

When shopping for your irons, look for any labeled with an “increased perimeter weighing” - simply because their contact spots are more forgiving than advanced irons. Additionally, clubs will be less potent in the beginner range, making it easier to develop proper technique. 

Having said that, if golf becomes more than a hobby, you will quickly grow out of your beginner clubs. Professional and advanced pieces of kit can get expensive. Luckily, beginner sets are easy to sell. For example, you could purchase a mid-priced driver designed for beginners at $350. (It's equivalent to an advanced mid-priced driver for $500!)

Package vs. Individual Clubs

We recommend starting your collection with a pre-packaged range or buying your gear individually. If you opt for the packaged route, you'll save time and receive a cohesive group of clubs. However, if you opt for the individual course, you'll likely spend more money. 

Ideally, we encourage you to find a combination of both - starting with an affordable package offer before purchasing more individualized pro clubs.

You are allowed 14 clubs in your golf bag, including your putter. It's unlikely you'll need all 14 clubs as a beginner. In fact, the majority of beginner sets don't include all 14 clubs - all the more reason for some additional pro purchases. 

Sometimes, even just one specialized club can make a massive difference to your performance. Hybrid clubs, for instance, are designed for beginners, and they may help you achieve a high launch with improved turf interaction. Such elements aid a swift glide across the turf to reach a clean strike. 

Your decision ultimately depends on your commitment level. 

How Long You Plan On Keeping Your Clubs

If your initial plan is to get your foot in the door, get an intuitive sense for the game and hone your skills with a quality range of clubs later. In this case, a budget beginner package may be best for you.

If you want a set that will see you through the next five years, continually buying clubs may become expensive. You're already invested, so a substantial and long-lasting purchase may make more sense. 

While beginner kits are often simple in format, newly designed pro clubs are more thorough and well-developed. How long do you expect to stick with one set? Let's learn about new versus pre-owned clubs!

New vs. Pre-owned

We've established that beginner sets get old relatively quickly, so purchasing a pre-loved and well-lived beginner package may not serve you well.

On the flip side, you could grab a great deal on some pre-owned premium clubs. Getting advanced tech at a lower price is always a good idea! We recommend clubs around two to three years old for a great price advantage. When around one in every three Americans is interested in the sport, it's no wonder the pre-owned market is so widespread.  

Where to look? Research popular and trusted brands during your club search. It'll serve you well, ensuring your new or used clubs last as long as possible.  

What Golf Clubs Should A Beginner Buy?

We know you can't exceed 14 golf clubs, but let's see which you should be prioritizing. 

When starting, you'll only need two or three clubs to take to the driving range. You'll learn some of the fundamental skills of your swing and pitching. For this, professionals and trainers recommend a seven iron and a pitching wedge. 

Choose one or two skills at a time and focus on those. You're welcome to buy a complete set from the get-go, but learning in stages is a good way to build as you go. 

After getting comfortable with your wedge and driver, start incorporating your putter - and you're off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a Beginner Golfer Buy Expensive Clubs?

It depends on your passion and investment in the golf world! If you're unsure, we recommend taking smaller initial steps towards your goal. Go for the pre-owned route, or start with a beginner set. Been out of the game for a while? A solid investment could offer advanced techniques and longevity to your gear.

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