Jan 30, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

Weight is just one factor that determines the quality of a good golf cart. There's also fuel style (gas, electric, hybrid), whether it's new or used, seating capacity, storage space, the condition of the batteries, and price.

But weight is a more important factor than you might think. When it comes to ascending and descending slopes and hauling, golf cart weight plays a critical role. Below you'll find everything you need to know about shopping for carts and the heaviness factor.

How Heavy Is a Typical Golf Cart?

The typical golf cart weighs between 800 and 1,100 pounds, though some can go as low as 500, and on the upper range, they may measure up to 1,300 pounds. Several variables determine the ultimate heaviness of carts, including: 

  • Whether it has a fuel or electric system
  • What company made the cart
  • The overall size of the vehicle

Beyond those factors, the total amount of pounds will change depending on whether you measure dry weight or curb weight. These technical terms deserve some elaboration. Let's jump right in!

Dry Weight

A golf cart manual will list the dry weight down to the exact pound and a projected curb weight. More than anything, the dry weight depends on your preferences and habits as a player. 

But what exactly is it? The dry measurement refers to how heavy a vehicle is, stripped of all its accessories and accouterments. This measurement includes the battery and other vital parts.

Curb Weight

And what's the curb weight? This measurement refers to how heavy the vehicle will be when parked at the curb of a course. It will be heavier with its numerous accessories - both necessary and optional - that keep it running smoothly.

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

It may not seem like the battery would contribute much to the overall heaviness of a golf cart, but these batteries generally weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. That's likely more than the weight of your bags, clubs, apparel, and everything you'd need for several rounds combined! 

Extra battery weight can make or break certain situations. For example, extra weight may come between you and looming inclines - and you may want to consider taking the long way around. Given the number of children injured by golf carts each year - that's roughly 6,500! - there's no room for weight miscalculations. 

Golf carts take either 6-volt, 8-volt, or 12-volt batteries. It isn't true, as you might think, that as voltage increases, batteries get heavier. The Trojan L16G-AC 6-volt battery weighs a whopping 104 lbs! Compare that with the Duracell GC8 8-volt, which only weighs 63 lbs. Voltage merely refers to the electrical potential of a battery; it has nothing to do with actual size or weight.

When looking into a golf cart, ensure you calculate the impact of any extra pounds on your overall game.

Other Factors That Affect the Weight of a Golf Cart

There's a big difference between 800 pounds - the lower end of an average golf cart - and 1,000 pounds at the upper end of the spectrum. Let's go over these four additional factors that may impact total weight. 

Brand and Model

All the top golf cart manufacturers are going to build their vehicles differently. From Club Car to Yamaha to E-Z-Go and Polaris, size, shape, and material will vary. And importantly, each of these factors affects final golf cart weight. 

These vehicles can be made from PVC, plastic, steel, and other alloyed metals, some lighter and others heavier. 

Accessories & Modifications

You can order plenty of upgrades for your golf cart - even before it arrives. For example, you can increase the tires' size or just the tread, in case your home course has many slopes you need extra strength to climb. You can also soup up the engine to get higher horsepower or better fuel economy!

Remember that playing golf is medically proven to be beneficial to your health, but how healthy depends largely on how much you walk. Let's just say a faster cart isn't always the better option! 


Some carts are two-seaters with extra trunk space, while others have four seats. Either way, your passengers will have to position their golf bags between their legs. That dramatically changes the weight!


The amount of luggage loaded into your cart will - of course! - change its weight. This changes from game to game, but you'll need to keep it in mind.

How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Tow?

The average golf cart can tow roughly 1,000 pounds. It depends what kind of engine the cart has, what landscape you're towing through, and of course, how heavy your cart is. 

Having the capability to tow is quite useful, even if you only play occasional rounds on your local links. You never know when a friend or fellow player may need a tow - especially if you want to bring your cart to the lake!

Final Thoughts

Not every golfer has their own golf cart. We maintain that you don't necessarily need one to play your best game - but they sure are fun! We hope this weighty guide points you in the right direction to do your research. 

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