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Oct 08, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How Much Does a Golf Bag Cost? What To Know

Whether you are purchasing your very first golf bag or simply looking to renew your current one, you should be mindful of how much you're paying. A higher price tag doesn't necessarily mean better quality, especially if you are brand new to the sport. 

You need to know what you personally need your golf bag to achieve before investing in anything. A newbie does not need a professional tour bag, but a pencil bag probably won't suit the needs of a veteran. 

For a full explanation of the kinds of bags out there, with price estimates included, read on!

How Much Does a Beginner Golf Bag Cost?

When first starting, you don't need to invest in the fanciest golf bag around. You just need something that will carry your equipment from A to B without causing too much trouble. You should spend money on something durable and reliable, but you don't need to fork out on a bag with all the bells and whistles. All of that can come later if you choose to commit to the sport.

The two bags we would recommend for beginners are stand bags and pencil bags. Both are easy to maneuver while offering large amounts of space to fit your clubs and other equipment. 

We break down these kinds in greater detail below, including their cost, pros, and cons.

Pencil Bag

Let's start with the most basic of all. Pencil bags are the epitome of simplicity, but that doesn't mean they aren't efficient. They complete their purpose effectively, which is to carry around your clubs in an easy-carry bag. They are incredibly lightweight, weighing in around 1.95 pounds on average, so they are among the easiest bags to bring around the course with you. 

Much of their lightness comes from how thin they are, though they can still hold up to fourteen clubs at a time (this can vary). Due to their slim design, they are easy to store, whether it's in your locker or on your cart. For a beginner, pencil bags are perfect and remain a popular choice even among more committed players.


  • Least expensive
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not ideal for wet weather, as they tend to be thinner and unable to resist the rain

Average Price: $30-$100

Stand Bag

The stand bag is the next level up for a beginner golf bag. The two extendable legs set this style apart from a pencil bag, as it allows you to prop it upright between swings. You don't need to carry it around constantly, nor do you need to set it down on the ground each time you stop to take a shot. 

However, when you finish taking your shot, the extendable legs slot right back into place, and you can use the carrying strap(s) to take it with you. The legs don't impede on portability, which is naturally crucial for a game of golf. They are compact, so they can fit in your cart, although most players choose to wear them on their backs.

Toting your bag provides an additional exercise element, which could be a pro or a con depending on your outlook. Wearing your stand bag on your back between shots is a great way to burn extra fat or build up stamina, but it can become laborious. It ultimately depends on what you prioritize from your game, whether staying active or enjoying the sport casually.


  • Extendable legs let you prop the bag up anywhere, even at an angle
  • Compact enough to wear on your back between shots
  • Could be an additional source of strength training


  • May feel laborious to carry around the course for extended periods

Average Price: $120-$200

How Much Does an Advanced/Pro Golf Bag Cost?

If you have played golf for quite some time, a stand or pencil bag may not cut it anymore. For greater efficiency and functionality, you will need to pay a higher price. But the price tag is worth it, considering the investment means improved protection for your high-end golf clubs. 

More advanced bags tend to be larger with special features to take your game to the next level. With this in mind, we recommend tour bags and cart bags. Both offer spacious storage and multiple compartments to keep everything you could need by your side at all times. They tend to be much bigger than stand or pencil bags, which is why we recommend them to players accustomed to hauling bags across the course already. 

For more detailed information, including the average price, take a look below!

Tour Bag

Of all the multiple golf bags available, none are bigger than the tour bag. These behemoths are frequently the choices of professionals and experienced players alike, not just because of their size. Most golfers consider them the most practical for extended games and, frankly, the most luxurious.

Why? Because they can hold everything, you need. From your golf clubs and golf balls to extra clothing and towels, you have everything you need right there and then. 

Of course, the storage capacity drives the price point up, making them a little more expensive than beginner bags (a lot more expensive, in some instances). If you're in it for the long game, though, then these bags are unbeatable.


  • Exceptionally spacious, with ample room for all your equipment and accessories
  • Designed with the professional and veteran players in mind
  • High durability
  • Designed for extended play


  • Very heavy; not ideal as a walking bag
  • Priciest option

Average Price: $150-$400

Cart Bag

If you take golf seriously as an advanced or pro player, cart bags are best. These are the highest quality bags on the market and the type used by PGA tour pro golfers. 

You can usually tell a cart bag from other bags due to the non-slip rubber base. This grip makes them suitable to wheel around the course on either a buggy or trolley. Most cart bags also will feature fitting attachments to secure them to a trolley and lift-assist handles.

They boast all the qualities of a larger bag, with ample storage for clubs and other golfing equipment. They have pockets for pens and scorecards, and some advanced styles have cooler pockets for refreshments and snacks. The entire bag will usually feature reinforced fabric for durability and extensive use.

These bags are also suitable for older golfers who don’t wish to carry around their equipment.


  • Highest quality used by PGA tour pros
  • Spacious, with plenty of pockets
  • Rubber footing ensures no-slip grip when transporting on a cart or trolley
  • Lighter than tour bags


  • Highest priced golf bags on the market

Average Price: $250-$600

Which Type of Golf Bag Should You Use: Used or New?

If you have found your perfect golfing bag but winced at the price tag, don't worry, you probably aren't the only one. Golfing equipment can be very expensive. So, with that in mind, why not invest in used? 

Many new players turn to used golf clubs to get them started, so the same logic can easily apply to bags. Used doesn't mean tattered with the pockets hanging off. You can usually find a great deal, provided you know where to look.

Generally speaking, viewing the bag in person is a must. You could potentially still spend a significant amount of money on a used bag, so you don't want to sell yourself short. Likewise, you don't want to miss out on securing a great deal. View the bag in person and check for visible damage. Provided it's still functional, it's good enough for the course!


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