Nov 15, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How Long Should My Wedges Be?

You’ll need various wedges in your golf bag to elevate your game. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all with these clubs.

An incorrectly sized golf wedge can affect everything from your pitch to your bounce, depending on your wedge. The length is one of the variables with the most significant impact on your game.

We look at the importance of choosing the correct length of your wedge according to each type and the different degrees of loft. Plus, we offer tips to accurately fit a golf wedge to suit your height and play.

What Is the Standard Length of Wedges?

The right wedge size for you does not have a standard answer. If only it were that simple! Golf wedges vary from player to player because the right length depends upon the type of wedge, the golfer’s height, arm length, and the quality of their play or golfing technique.

Some golfers use a rule of thumb that all their wedges are the same length as the short irons in their bag, while other players follow a ½” shorter rule. In some golf bags, you’ll find a range of progressive lengths between each wedge loft.

What Are the Effects of Lengthening My Golf Wedges?

Replacing your golf wedges with longer ones or adding extenders to adjust your wedge gapping can improve your game. Get it wrong, though, and it’ll have the opposite effect.

As a rule of thumb, lengthening any wedge adds more distance to the shot simply because shorter wedges are harder to swing. 

However, longer wedges can reduce accuracy as there’s often more side spin if you hit the ball off-center. But, as with all things golf, practice makes perfect, so if you work at it, your game will benefit from greater distances with no loss of precision.

Lengthening a golf wedge also makes it heavier, impacting your swing as the swing weight increases. The added length makes the swing speed slower.

Don’t overlook the rules when it comes to adjusting your golf wedges, as there are restrictions on club lengths and the structure of the club head.

Should My Wedges Be the Same Length?

No, the lengths should differ as each type has a different job. The main comparison you should be making is with your nine iron.

Ideally, you want the gap wedge around 1” shorter than your nine iron. The sand wedge should be the same length as the gap wedge, or if you prefer, you can go around 1.5” shorter.

A pitching wedge should be ½” shorter than your nine iron. If your sand and gap wedge are the same lengths, then make the 60º wedge ½” shorter. However, if the sand wedge is shorter than the nine iron, make the 60º wedge the same length.

What to Consider When Having a Wedge Fitted

A good golf pro or golf shop will fit you properly for a wedge so that it suits your game, height, and arm length. Here are some of the critical factors.

Lie Angle

The lie angle must be appropriate for the individual golfer so that shots that are ¾ to full bring the clubhead square onto the face plane at the point of impact.

If the lie angle is toe up (i.e., too upright) at impact, the ball will steer toward the left of the target. Conversely, if the lie angle is toe down (too flat), the ball gets pushed to the right.

Remember, the greater the loft angle on a wedge, the higher the chance for ball misdirection if the lie angle is not specific for that player.

Grip Size

Grip size is another variable with all wedges, which can impact your game if you don’t quite get it right.

A proper grip size better controls the clubhead, but every player is different. Some golfers prefer a larger grip size, and some do not. 

It’s worth noting that using similar grips on your wedges as your irons will improve your technique too.

Swing Weight

Wedges generally have a heavier swing weight than your irons, but how much heavier should they be? Well, that depends upon the type of wedge.

Gap wedges and pitching wedges should be around two or three times heavier than your nine iron. Sand wedges and 60º should be four to size times heavier.

If a wedge is too heavy, you‘ll probably need to change it. However, you can have a lighter wedge weighted with some lead tape applied to the back.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how long your wedges should be is as individual to you as your height, arm length, and game. Most players have a preference, and if you are a newbie, you can see there are some rules to follow that’ll help you get the right fit.

Never overlook the importance of wedge length, as this significantly impacts your technique and how well you play.

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