Jan 03, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

10 Golf Gifts for Her in 2024

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the lady golfer in your life?

Women have been breaking down barriers in this sport since the Ladies Professional Golf Association formed in 1950. And as the times have changed, so have the demands of the sport.

Finding the right gift for golf-loving ladies can be difficult when you're not a golfer. Or perhaps you play golf, but the woman in your life seems to have everything she needs. If this happens to be the case, you'll want to get her a gift beyond the usual golf balls, clubs, or gloves.

Check out these ten golf gifts for her. Whether you need a gift for her birthday, Christmas, or just because, we’re sure you’ll find something she will love. 

1. Innovative & Stylish Golfing Bag 

Innovative golf bags help keep belongings in one spot. And, have you ever heard of a woman turning down a bag? 

With Stitch, the most challenging part will be deciding which bag from our collection to surprise her with—we have everything from bags to duffels to totes. Whichever you choose, have peace of mind you're gifting a bag that's functional, versatile, and made from high-end materials. 

If you want to go the extra mile, we recommend one of our limited-edition golf travel bags, including the following: 

  • - Limited Edition Birdie Bag: This light blue bag with orange accents works as a cooler, carry-on, and golfing bag! It has removable inserts for multi-purpose use, which means it will be just as convenient on the course as on a plane.
  • - Limited Edition Nylon Clubhouse Duffle: This bag works just as well on the course as it does in the gym or weekend getaway. It has elastic side pockets for shoes and a webbed handle for easy carrying.
  • - Limited Edition Dopp Kit: This small bag is fantastic for toiletry items. It fits perfectly in either the Birdie Bag or Nylon Clubhouse Duffle. Its water and stain-resistant qualities make this a bag your lady golfer will want to take everywhere!

Whichever you choose, she'll also appreciate that you went out of your way to get her a one-of-a-kind golfing bag she can show on and off the course! 

2. Hats or Visors for UV Protection

UV protection is a must for any golfer, and the woman in your life is no exception. There's rarely ever any shade on a golf course, which means golfers need to create their own. 

The right apparel will turn heads when she walks onto the course. Consider gifting her a hat that will make her look great while protecting her from the sun. 

At Stitch, we have both hats and visors to suit your needs. Does she have a favorite color or style? If so, you're in luck. These accessories come in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors, from light blue hats to neutral two-toned ones. We're sure you'll find something your friend will like, use, and appreciate each time she wears it. 

3. Valuables Holder 

Everyone needs a way to separate their valuables when packing. For instance, if you're packing a suitcase, you need to keep your fancy jewelry separate from the rest of your items. It's easy for small items like these to get lost. 

Consider gifting a valuables pouch to ensure your lady golfer's prized possessions stay safe. They come in several materials and colors, with leather being a top contender. 

Since you're looking for a golf gift, be sure the valuables pouch you decide on is water-resistant. That way, she can keep her keys, wallets, jewelry, and phones safe in style.

4. Knit Golf Headcover

A hand-finished knit headcover is a thoughtful gift filled with personality. These accessories come in many styles and colors, making it easy to find the right one for your lady golfer. 

A knit headcover will protect her clubs, but it should be good quality since its purpose is to protect an even more valuable investment—the golf club. 

What material are the headcovers? What size and clubhead does it fit? Look at material, fit, and weatherproofing to find the right one. 

At Stitch, our knit golf headcovers are made from 100% acrylic to keep clubs dry in all weather. They're also sold in several sizes, helping you find the perfect gift.

5. High-End Leather Golf Headcover

This next option is sure to wow the lady golfer in your life. 

If you want to level up from the knit headcover, an original leather golf headcover is the perfect solution. It’s both stylish and functional. 

A leather headcover will protect the heads and shafts from damage when clubs get jostled around in the bag. It prevents bag chatter and protects the clubs from the dings, scratches, and bumps that happen when carrying them around. 

Don't just get her any golf headcover. Invest in an original leather golf headcover from Stitch, whether the Limited Edition 19th Hole Headcover or an Alignment Stick Cover. You're sure to find something she'll like with several styles, colors, and designs available

6. Durable Golf Towel

durable golf towel offers an easy way to absorb moisture from golf clubs, balls, and sweaty hands. It's a must-have in every golfer's arsenal, making it the perfect gift for her. Keeping your equipment dry reduces the risk of it building rust and offers an improved grip.

Golfers can never have too many golf towels, which means you can't go wrong with this as a gift!

7. Catchall

A catchall is a classic item great for home or traveling. It helps keep track of essentials like keys, loose change, or personal items. 

The Vintage Leather Catchall by Stitch is also small enough to conveniently travel with while being stylish enough to leave set out on the table by the front door. It features high-quality vintage leather and stain-resistant and water-resistant qualities. She can use it to store her keys for the locker at the clubhouse, her club ID, and more. 

8. Shoe Bag

Most golfers prefer having a designated area for their golf shoes while they travel. It will help keep them in mint condition by protecting them from dirt and water. Plus, when packing for a trip, you always wonder where to pack your shoes to avoid touching your clean clothes. A quality shoe bag is a solution! 

The Stitch Shoe Bag features our robust touring fabric. This material looks like leather but is more durable and resistant. 

Not only is it highly protective, but very lightweight too. It also fits up to 150 golf balls if she ever decides she wants to use it as a swag bag!

9. Sturdy Umbrella

Perhaps one of the easiest gifts you could give: an umbrella. 

Golfers rely heavily on these accessories for rain and UV protection. We also know that flimsy umbrellas won't survive heavy winds. In the case of a storm, they must be large enough to protect the golfer and their belongings. And it needs to be durable enough to withstand heavy winds. 

Therefore, spare her the embarrassment and invest in a sturdy umbrella made for golfing.  

10. Dopp Kit

Dopp kits are small bags used for traveling. They're usually used to store toiletries like makeup, skincare products, and other essentials. 

The main factors when shopping for one include practicality, innovation, and looks. The Dopp Kit offers all three of these with two separate zipped pockets to keep items organized, water+stain resistant abilities, and the option to personalize the bag by adding the initials of your lady golfer.

Whichever toiletry bag you go with, be sure it's stain-resistant and durable. The last thing someone wants is the zipper breaking and items falling all over the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Get a Woman Who Plays Golf?

When searching for the perfect gift for a female golfer, you need to keep in mind what she needs and wants. Some gifts are more practical, while others are mainly just for looks. At Stitch, we strive to offer practicality and style in all our golfing products to give her the perfect gift. 

Any of the following will make great gifts for golf-loving ladies:

  • - Golfing bag
  • - Hats or visors
  • - Valuables holder
  • - Knit golf headcover
  • - Golf towel
  • - Leather golf headcover
  • - Catchall
  • - Shoe bag
  • - Umbrella
  • - Dopp kit

Give Her a Golfing Gift She'll Love! 

With these innovative and stylish gift ideas in mind, you'll have no problem gifting a golfing accessory the golfer in your life will love!

Whether it's a luxury golfing bag, high-end leather golf headcover, or practical Dopp kit, you can't go wrong with these golf must-haves for her. The question is: Which one will she like the most? 

Shop Stitch Golf today for one of the most extensive selections of gifts for women golfers. You’ll find something she is sure to love.