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Oct 09, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Golf Bag Dividers: Everything You Should Know

Choosing a golf bag is just as important as choosing a new club or pair of shoes. Having the right kind of bag can enhance your performance on the course, so you must know what to look for when making your decision. 

Dividers are an essential component of any golf bag, as they keep your clubs protected and organized as you play. 

In this post, we'll break down everything there is to know about golf dividers and how they help golfers perform at their best. From the benefits of dividers to the ideal amount and the best way to organize your clubs, you’ll find it all here. 

Dividers Reduce Noise

Golf is a game of grace and concentration. Whether a player is professional or just on the green for fun, they need to maintain a certain level of respect for everyone else on the course. Golf etiquette includes wearing the proper attire, playing at a certain pace, and not making too much noise. 

Proper built-in dividers will prevent clubs from making an unsettling racket. Not only does this help your game, but it will also ensure you're not mishandling your golf mannerisms.

Golf bags come in various shapes and sizes. So finding one with the appropriate number of dividers is easier than some may think. Golfers should choose a number of dividers that match the number of clubs they use.

Dividers Keep Players Organized

If a golfer wants to smoothen the way they play, it's necessary to have the appropriate divider inserts. Divider slots allow players to organize their woods, irons, drivers, and putters in a way that works for them. This way, they don't get frustrated when trying to reach the right club. 

Since players can have a maximum of 14 clubs on the fairway, having as many divider inserts is appropriate. Dividers can range from 1 to 15 at most.

Dividers Make It Easier to Grab Clubs

Some golf bags come with dividers, but they aren't long enough. If the divider inserts don't reach the bottom of the bag, the clubs will just bang into one another as you're reaching for them. Depending on the bag, some golfers spend a significant amount of time grappling with their clubs. 

Purpose-built dividers will eliminate this frustration by going all the way to the bottom of the bag. As a result, every club can easily slide in and out of the bag without any friction. 

Investing in purpose-built dividers is always a good choice since players can concentrate more on the fairway. What's more, numerous affordable golf bags come with purpose-built divider inserts.

What's the Perfect Number of Golf Dividers?

When shopping for a golf bag, it's natural to find one that will protect your clubs, back, and focus on the course. We've broken down the three most popular options to make life easier: 4-way, 6-way, and 14-way dividers. 

4-Way Divider System

A 4-way divider bag is an excellent choice for golfers who don't carry too many clubs. It has a simple design and allows easy access to clubs. What's more, a 4-way divider bag is much lighter than other options. It contains fewer materials, making it easier to carry.

Many golfers also find that it's much easier to put clubs back into their bag with a 4-way system. However, organizing clubs can require a bit of patience since space is limited. We'd recommend a 4-way system if you're a walking golfer or like to carry your golf bag around the fairway. 

6-Way Divider System

For golfers looking for a perfect hybrid between a 4-way and 14-way system, a 6-way divider bag is an excellent option. There's enough space to separate your long and short game clubs without being overly complicated. 

What's more, the six dividers don't add too much weight to the bag. That said, there's still plenty of room to keep your clubs nice and organized. A 6-way divider system is a fantastic choice for players who want enough space to separate their clubs but don't want to deal with the frustration of each club having its own insert. 

14-Way Divider System

Finally, we have the 14-way divider system. This type of golf bag is perfect for both cart and stand bags. However, it's more common in stand bags. A 14-way divider bag has an individual slot for each club, and it provides the most protection for each club out of all the divider systems. 

Golfers that have extremely expensive clubs and are concerned about protection should opt for a 14-way divider system. That said, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to insert and take out clubs. However, it gets easier with practice. 

Can You Add Dividers?

While most golf bags come with built-in dividers, these don’t always reach the bottom of the bag. Fortunately, it’s possible to get purpose-built inserts.

Divider inserts are typically full length. They protect the clubs from banging into each other, and they provide insulation for every club while you slide them in and out of your bag.

What’s the Best Way to Organize Your Golf Clubs?

Keeping your bag organized is crucial for optimum performance as the set-up will allow you to get through an 18-hole round comfortably. That said, what exactly is the best way to organize your golf clubs? 

We've compiled this neat little structure you can follow the next time you hit the green:

  • Know Your Bag. Identify how many dividers you have, and it will be far easier to arrange your clubs the same way every time you set out to play.
  • Long Clubs in the Back. Pro golfers typically put their longest clubs in the back of the bag ( the part closest to the strap). Doing so will help you stay comfortable while carrying your bag and prevent your clubs from bumping into each other.
  • Stay Consistent. It's beneficial to get into the habit of always putting your clubs back in the same spot. This small yet critical factor will ensure that you always know where to reach for a specific club. 
  • Arrange Left to Right. Always arrange your clubs from left to right, meaning the larger clubs on the left and the shorter ones to the right. All of your smallest clubs, like your wedges, should be in the front of your bag.
  • Position Your Putter. Some contemporary golf bags come with an exclusive slot for putters. If you don't have a putter insert, you can place it somewhere on the right side of your bag.

Why Keep Your Clubs Organized?

Organizing your clubs helps your game indirectly. Some beginner golfers think it's a waste of time, but they will quickly realize the benefits of organizing their clubs once they get into the habit. 

If you watch pro golfers, they almost always have their clubs organized. Otherwise, they'll spend precious time and energy sifting for the right clubs rather than focusing on their swing. While you don't need to follow every rule of club organization, it helps to have some sort of system. 

Find a way to organize your clubs in a way that works for you. Once you have the proper method, stick with it, and you should start to see slight improvements in your game. 


No doubt, dividers are a vital component of any golf bag. Having the right divider system can protect your clubs and improve your performance on the fairway. The correct number of dividers depends on your playing style and how many clubs you want to carry on the course. 

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