Mar 15, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Do PGA Golfers Get Freebies?

The PGA, or Professional Golfers' Association of America, is an organization made up of the most skilled professional golfers in the country. From Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer to Bobby Jones and Sam Snead, the PGA golfers rank the best and brightest of the sport. 

Not just anyone can get into this prestigious organization. You have to pass through multiple levels of education courses, which include exams, testing, and seminars. You must also prove yourself on the course and professional tours.

Because of its exclusive membership, PGA offers its members legendary perks, including clothes, clubs, memberships to exclusive courses, and more. Dive into the opulent world of PGA membership.

Do PGA Golfers Get Freebies at Tournaments?

If you haven't risen in the ranks of professional golf, you know how difficult it can be to invest in good clubs. So it may be hard to hear that there are free clubs practically lying around everywhere at PGA tournaments.

Club retailers want pro golfers to use their clubs because if the pros approve, amateur golfers will too. So retailers bring dozens of clubs and leave them available for the taking. The same goes for balls, tees, shirts, shorts, and gear like water bottles, headbands, hats, and sunglasses.

Beyond merchandise, PGA players sometimes receive other perks like free travel, accommodations, food, and of course, entry into exclusive country clubs. 

There are almost 10,000 different golf courses currently operating in the country, but you may only get access to a handful of them. Not so for PGA golfers.

Wherever PGA players go, doors open, even at courses closed to the general public. That stamp of approval means that prestige and sometimes media attention can follow. That's free publicity that course owners can bank on.

Do PGA Professionals Get Free Clubs?

The price of clubs is rising. As more people pick them up, the demand increases. As demand increases, club manufacturers take advantage of that demand by bottlenecking and cranking up the price on the supply.

But if you're a PGA member, you may not need to worry about those costs. PGA takes care of its own, providing free golf clubs wherever there are tours. 

Professional competitions are full of reps from various retailers. Putter, iron, and wedge sellers are always stalking the grounds, looking to make deals with rising stars. To do that, they have to have their wares in tow. Reps may carry around up to $50,000 in clubs from tour to tour.

It's easy to cozy up to these reps once you get to a certain level, and the pros sometimes receive full sets of clubs. 

Do PGA Golfers Get Free Clothes?

Once a PGA member places at a decent ranking on the PGA Tour, they're pretty much guaranteed outfitting for life. Brands like Puma, Under Armour, Adidas, and Lululemon supply some players with as many as 300 new polos per season. 

Even for less experienced players, if their social following is high enough, they may receive generous gifts from clothing brands. Polos, trousers, hats, gloves, shades, you name it. So long as that logo is prominently displayed, sports brands will send out clothes to PGA golfers like hotcakes.

Do PGA Tour Players Get Free Memberships?

Free memberships at international golf courses are another perk PGA golfers can cash in when they reach elite status. 

Membership fees are the single most prohibitive cost to being a golfer. Memberships at elite golf courses can be as high as $30,000 per year. 

You're paying for more than just golf, though. It's membership to a social milieu that can become lifelong friends and even potential employers. 

Certain PGA players can skate around those fees with a hot enough profile. Even if they don't get free annual memberships, many golf courses will waive daily fees for access for them. 

Dress Like the Pros and Save 

Learning about the perks that PGA players enjoy may inspire you to up your game. Anyone can reach that echelon where clubs, tees, and membership fees are worries of the past, and your technique is all you have to focus on on the course.

Golf, at its core, is a social sport. PGA never forgets the communal aspect of golf, and the generous perks they provide their members play a role in that. 

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