Dec 26, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Can You Play Golf in the Rain?

Golf day is finally here! But when you look outside, dark skies and rain—not exactly the day you’ve been planning to have.

But before you throw in the towel and spend the day indoors, you should reconsider. 

Golfing in the rain can be even more fun to play, and even more importantly, it can improve your technique. However, that are some caveats. 

Read on to learn more about the waterproof gear you’ll need to bring. 

Is It Worth Playing Golf in the Rain? 

Playing in the rain isn’t ideal; it can sometimes be an unfortunate reality. No golf rules specifically ban golfers from playing in the rain. As long as the golf course conditions are safe, and there isn’t lightning to threaten your safety, playing in the rain could be worth it. 

Golfing in rainy weather can be an exhilarating experience. Most golfers stay home when the weather worsens, so you’ll quickly get around the course. No waiting for golfers ahead of you to clear out. 

More critical for those serious about their game, golfing in the rain can make you a better golfer. Practicing in pristine conditions is one thing. But learning to adapt your game in unfavorable weather conditions and a soggy fairway is par for the course. The best golfers know how to adjust their swings based on wind speeds, direction, and weather conditions. 

Wet Weather Gear Guide 

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite day of the week. Inclement weather is part of the game – even the pros sometimes play in rainy conditions. You simply have to dress appropriately to keep your clothes and gear dry

Below we’ve compiled the essential wet weather gear, so you can be better prepared for the wet conditions and still have fun playing in the rain. 

1. Water-Repellent Jacket

It’s worth spending a little extra on a golf-specific water-repellant jacket. You’ll need something lightweight, breathable, and waterproof that won’t restrict your swing. A water-repellent jacket with stretch fabric allows freedom of movement to make your best golf swing every time. 

The jacket should have sealed seams and moisture-wicking material to keep the rain out. A polyester shell is ideal since it’s lightweight and won’t leave you a sweaty mess on hot days. 

2. Water-Repellent Trousers

A dry golfer is a happy golfer. Wet clothes stick to you, which makes playing golf extremely uncomfortable to play in. Pants are an essential aspect of playing golf. Your water-repellent trousers should be made of fabric to allow you to move freely with each swing. 

The water-repellent finish won’t affect the cotton material’s natural breathability, ensuring that it’ll keep you cool without sacrificing comfort. You won’t need to choose protection over style, either. Water-repellant trousers look and feel like regular golf pants. 

3. Hat

Wearing a hat is an essential item to wear whether you’re in the sun or rain. Hats keep the water out of your eyes, allowing you to precisely angle and aim your swing at the target. 

The material of the hat is vital for both function and comfort. You’ll want a breathable material that wicks away sweat, like cotton or polyester. Avoid materials like leather or wool, which can be hot and uncomfortable. 

4. Umbrella

A quality golf umbrella keeps you and your equipment protected from outdoor elements. Rain and wind are tough to deal with, especially for umbrellas, so make sure it boasts a robust construction. 

Look for a durable umbrella with a large canopy to prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out. The umbrella should have velcro closure straps and a soft memory foam handle to hold comfortably. Lastly, ensure the umbrella is large enough to cover both you and your golf cart. 

5. Water-Resistant Golf Bag

Not only will water-resistant golf bags provide you with convenient pockets for storage, but they will also protect and prolong your golf clubs. Your golf bag should be made with 100% water-resistant fabric to protect your clubs and gear even under the rain or around puddles or wet grass. 

For even better protection, the bag should feature taped seams to help seal the water out. Everything else about the bag should be standard such as a divider system for storage and a strap system or handles to carry your bag easily. 

6. Towels

It can be nearly impossible to make a decent swing when your grips are too wet. That’s why dry towels are a must-have during rainy days. Make sure to pack several towels and keep them in sealable plastic bags.

 A towel isn’t just useful for wiping down your clubs and grips. You’ll want to dry your hands and wipe your golf cart seat and other wet gear. 

Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

Don’t let a little rain get in the way of your heading to the course for a round. Here are several tips for playing golf in the rain: 

Have the Right Gear  

Playing in the rain without the right gear is a bad idea. A golf bag with water-resistant material is essential to keep your golf clubs from rusting. Rain gloves are another essential item. They keep your grip firm, allowing you to deliver consistent, powerful strikes every time. 

Here is the gear you’ll want to consider: 

  • Rain gloves 
  • Water-resistant golf bag 
  • Water-resistant golf trousers 
  • Hat 
  • Towels 
  • Golf bag rain cover 
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Water-resistant jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Water-resistant trousers 

Take Wet Greens and Sand into Consideration 

The golf ball rolls much slower than usual on wet greens. It means you’ll need to hit the ball a lot harder. As tricky as wet greens are, tackling wet sand is even more challenging. 

You’ll also experience fewer carry-on drives. A golf ball flying in the rain will descend much faster. Golf balls will also be plugged into the ground, so if you’re accustomed to getting extra yardage of roll, you’ll lose that on a rainy day. 

We recommend hitting the ball harder and gripping the club lower. Lowering the grip gives you more power and helps the ball travel further. 

Don’t Forget Your Spikes 

Spiked golf shoes are ideal for wet greens. The spikes help to grip the turf better than standard athletic shoes with rubber nubs. Any slippage as you turn and swing your club causes you to lose power and accuracy. 

Be Prepared to Play in the Rain — Shop Stitch Golf 

The right weather-resistant gear protects you and your clubs, letting you play your best. Not to mention, it’ll prolong the life of your gear. 

At Stitch Golf, we have quality golf apparel that is stylish, comfortable, and functional on the greens. Shop your favorite wet-weather apparel at Stitch Golf to stay prepared no matter the conditions!