Jan 03, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

6 Best Men’s Golf Shirts in 2024

Are you looking for a new look for your next game? We have the solution for you!

Golf shirts have a lot of different jobs to do. While staying pliable and breathable, they must also be thick enough to handle different weather environments. On top of that, you want a shirt that will stay crisp and look sophisticated.

It is not an easy combination to find in one shirt. 

When you pick your golf shirt, you want something that ticks all the boxes while still looking good. We've selected the six best options to help you to up your golf game in style!

1. Solid Pique



This shirt's distinctive look will suit any situation on and off the course. The crisp and put-together style is enhanced by the sophisticated color palette, ranging from sky blue to navy and plain white. 

The pique material pays homage to polo players of England and gives this shirt a light but sturdy fit that always keeps its shape. After slipping it on, the immediate softness of the material is unmistakable, without feeling sloppy or baggy.

2. Damon

This shirt is simple but elegant. The stitched horizontal stripes make the material pop, and the intricate handiwork is evident for all to see on a closer inspection. This shirt comes in a range of fantastic colors bound to impress.

The fusion of polyester with a small percentage of spandex jersey makes for a breathable material that remains taught even in the longest game. The quality is clear, and with seven colorway choices, you are sure to find one to your tastes.

3. Gulfstream

This shirt is a must-have for any golfer who favors comfort and style! This shirt features a distinctive horizontal tri-stripe that feels unique while remaining sophisticated. The range of color options means you can boast one for every day of the week.

The combination of spandex and polyester feels excellent on your skin. Golfers love this material because it always remains firm, even after a long day. The shirt is soft and relaxed, and the buttons will help your collar always stay in place. 

4. Essex Stripe

This shirt is glowing with light. Enhanced by the multiple Essex stripes, this design is a perfect addition to complete any summer wardrobe or brighten up a dreary winter day. The three different color profiles are simple but make a bold statement while still feeling classic.

The Essex Stripe is a perfect blend of comfortable, breathable materials that don’t lose shape, with buttons beneath the collar helping to keep this shirt looking crisp. This shirt is so nice to wear that you may even find yourself wearing this at work!

5. Match Point

Spice up your look when you step out onto the green this year with this stylish design. The plain background punctuated by a bright spread of green polka dots will stand out while still looking smart. The intricate stitching will not fail to impress!

Golfers favor the pique material for its sturdy fit, but it will still feel breathable during play. Discrete buttons keep the collar firmly in place, and on the skin, this shirt feels as smooth as silk—a must for any golfer who wants to stand out.

6. Ripples & Waves

Golfers on the hunt for a distinctive pattern that matches elegance with distinction should look no further than Ripples & Waves. The baby blue background is enhanced by a subtle white wave pattern that weaves across the entirety of the shirt.

The pique material gives it a classic aesthetic and ensures that this shirt will remain in the right shape. On the course, the smooth and breathable fabric will ensure that you feel comfortable while staying cool.

What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Shirt

Now that you have found a selection of new wardrobe options, you might want to update your gear while you're at it! With a range of high-quality golfing accessories, PGA pros love Stich golfing gear.

However, finding the shirt that suits you best is more than just taste. Believe it or not, choosing the wrong shirt for your play can lead to a worse game and discomfort on the course. 

Read on to discover what makes up a good shirt and how to decide what matters to your decision!


Golf can take place at any time of the year, in many different settings. When you're playing, you do not want to be feeling overly hot or uncomfortably cold. 

The sometimes demanding environments highlight the challenge of finding garments that adhere to both kinds of temperatures. The best find is something that may require a bit of decision-making on your part.

You want your golf shirt to be breathable, meaning that you can stay cool on hot days. However, this comes with a balance, as a material that is too light or too thin may not serve you well on colder days, and cheap design can lead to a shirt that tears or wears after washing. 

For this reason, pique is prevalent in most polo shirts. The material is breathable while retaining its crisp collar.


While compared to a more active sport like Polo, golf may not seem like a particularly psychical game. However, when you step on the course, the last thing you want is to be held back by a shirt that affects your swing. 

Finding a shirt that moves with your body is critical, and considering that the golf style trends toward a slimmer fit, it is crucial that your shirt remains flexible, especially around the back and shoulders. 

The impact of flexibility on performance is why professional players tug on their left sleeves before taking a shot. You may not even have to make that adjustment with the perfect shirt!

Moisture Proof

Golf games can undoubtedly take a long time, and with all those hours spent out under the sun, the last thing you want is sweat stains under your sleeves or the uncomfortable feeling of a shirt sticking to your back. 

Modern design and special materials are constructed with this exact issue in mind to ensure that you stay sweat-free during your game. Wicking is a moisture management design featured in all six of our selections. They ensure that moisture stays where it should—off your shirt!

Mold Proof

If you play regularly, chances are you will be washing your shirt regularly. Even so, one thing that you have to ensure you have protection against is mold and other microbes that can get in the material of your shirt. 

Unlike your other clothing, your golfing wear will put up with more sweat. If you want to avoid getting rashes or even worse skin infections, it is crucial to look for a material that protects you adequately. The shirts on this list all feature antimicrobial material to help keep your skin safe.

UV Protection

When you're out in the sun all day, you need to take care of more than just your swing. Your skin is important, and the sun's rays can penetrate even when covered in material. Just like your sunblock, golfing shirts often come with a UV rating.

Ensure that the material you select protects you, even in overcast weather. A 50+ rating might seem high, but nothing is more important than protecting your skin. 

Many materials can promise this coverage without sacrificing style or being too dense to wear during play.

What Are the Advantages of a Golf-Specific Polo?

Golf and polo shirts look similar, and many people think the two are the same. When selecting what you will wear on the course, it is vital to know the difference. 

A notable difference is the collar. While some polo shirts have collars, not all of them do. Golf shirts are notable for their smart collars and buttons on the front, giving this shirt a classy feel.

Looking at functionality, we see one of the significant differences between the two. Polo shirts are light, and this is because the sport is fast-paced and incredibly active. However, it means these shirts tend to wear out quicker. 

Golf shirts are breathable, allow for freedom of movement, and thick enough to suit many weather environments. The demands of the sport call for this style of shirt to consist of thicker, more durable material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Are the Best Golf Shirts Made From?

Top sportswear manufacturers prefer Pique for its durability, softness, and long-lasting sturdiness. All this, plus the weave helps to reduce visible stains and lets the body breathe.

On the cheaper end, a good solution to stay cool is any basic cotton, but this material in its simplest form doesn't last long and runs into issues after repeated washing.

A golf shirt can be many things; a balance between sturdy and smooth, breathable and durable. When looking at all the good qualities of a golf shirt, there are many options.


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