Jan 02, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

2 Best Golf Jackets in 2024

What you wear on the course is nearly as important as your clubs and golf bag. Golfing attire needs to be stylish as it is practical, comfortable, and weatherproof.

A golf jacket is essential to protect against the elements, be that sun, rain, or wind. Freedom of movement and a practical color are also on the tick list.

But the best golf jacket doesn’t just look good—it can enhance your performance. The ideal fit, protection from the weather, and other elements can help you focus on your shot. The best jacket won’t hold you back. 

Find the best golf jacket for your game and the factors to consider so that you can set yourself up to play a perfect game. 

1. Enzo Hybrid Tech Jacket

An understated yet effortlessly stylish hybrid jacket, this unique design is functional and sophisticated. It ensures good performance on the course and is a classic addition to your golfing wardrobe.

The body of the jacket is 100% extra-fine Italian merino wool to keep you warm in inclement weather. A light polyfill enables ideal warmth, while the four-way stretch fabric allows total freedom of movement. It has the feel and fit of your favorite sweater

The course isn’t the only location you will want to wear this jacket. It is so comfortable and stylish that you will just be looking for excuses to wear it elsewhere.


  • - Quality material – All the materials are top quality, with skilled craftsmanship and a tailored finish.
  • - Breathable properties – The fabrics will keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it is cool.
  • - Stylish design – Smart enough for the town as well as the course.


  • - Not enough colors – Currently, there are only two color choices.

2. Roadster Hybrid Jacket

A polyester spandex mix delivers a soft touch and breathable hybrid jacket. The Stitch Roader Hybrid is exceptionally comfortable and will enjoy multiple uses away from the golf course.

Non-restrictive technology with a 4-way stretch allows complete freedom of movement despite this jacket’s snug fit. The fabric is moisture-wicking and will keep the wearer cool in hot weather and during a pressurizing shot.

The Roadster Hybrid Jacket is ideal for layering or just as a standalone garment that can perform in all weathers.


  • - Versatile – Multiple uses away from the golf course.
  • - Ultimate stretch technology – Designed for complete freedom of movement.
  • - Breathable and moisture-wicking – Stay cool in an intense game or hot weather.


  • - Fitted styling – The snug fit won’t suit everyone.

What Makes a Golf Jacket Different From a Regular Jacket?

Golf involves periods of intense and specific activity with intervals of little or no movement. Players can face all types of weather, from sunshine to torrential rains. A golf jacket needs to be able to accommodate all these variables.

A good golf jacket should be lightweight to promote ease of movement during those long shots. The torso and arms should be able to move freely.

At the same time, a golf jacket must also provide good weatherproofing from wind and rain. It should be warm enough for windy or rainy conditions but avoid the bulkiness of a regular jacket. Breathable fabrics regulate body temperature to combat different weather conditions and varying activity levels.

Handy zip pockets are also a ‘must have’ to save going back to your bag for another ball or tee. A regular jacket is unlikely to tick all of these boxes.

Always check out the club rules on attire, as there is no set golf dress code. It will vary depending on where you play.

Jackets are not usually the main point of concern in golfing dress rules—trousers, shirts, and footwear are the common focus. Still, a club you are unfamiliar with may have regulations on the style of apparel and color.

What is a Golf Hybrid Jacket?

Breathable fabrics is a technology seen in clothing for many different sports, especially those played outdoors.

A hybrid jacket combines various synthetic, weatherproof, and moisture-wicking materials to accommodate different activity and temperature levels. The hybrid style minimizes the need to change clothing depending on the weather and where you are on the course.

How Should a Golf Jacket Fit?

A golf jacket needs to tread that delicate balance of a contoured and snug fit without restricting movement. Fabrics should be lightweight and flexible as well as breathable and weatherproof.

An overly baggy jacket may offer lots of room for movement, but it will catch the wind rather than shield against it and become wet and heavy if it rains.

Style is important as well. Most serious golfers want a jacket that fits and is fit for purpose but still looks the part.


Any good golf jacket will allow flexible movement while optimizing your comfort in different temperatures and environmental conditions. 

At Stitch Golf, we have a wide selection of golf apparel. Shop today for everything you need to look and feel great on and off the course, from golf jackets to polos, hats, and more.