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Jan 01, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

3 Best Golf Bags for Push Carts in 2024

Many golfers are opting to walk the course to improve their health and enjoy the beautiful terrain. But when you’re walking 18 holes, it can get tiresome. A push cart offers an excellent solution.

A push cart is a handy trolley that lets you push your golf bag. It lets you walk and keep up your fitness regimen without the strain of carrying your equipment.

However, not every golf bag will fit a push cart. There are bags designed for push carts and those intended for golf carts, so you can’t assume your cart or tour bag will work.

Here, we review the three best golf bags for push carts and tips for choosing the best one based on fit, weight, push cart type, and more.

1. Stitch SL Cart Bag

Exclusively designed for your golf cart, the SL Cart Bag gets its inspiration from the staff bags of the 1970s and the golden era of golf.

The name ‘SL’ stands for ‘Superleggera,’ which means super light and durable. Although this style is retro, it doesn’t’ have the weight and awkwardness of an old-fashioned design.

The largest bag in the Stitch collection, there is ample room for everything you need. The design makes it easy to access clubs and features plenty of storage pockets. No detail is overlooked, including a strap sleeve that protects the bag from wear and tear.

Made with quality fabric, sturdy hardware, and sophisticated style, this is one class design that pays homage to the tour bags of yesteryear but uses modern materials. 


  • Stylish yet lightweight – The authentic pro-style has been reimagined for the 21st-century golfer who wants functionality and ease in a classic, good-looking item.
  • Versatility – The SL Cart Bag can be used for a push cart or a golf buggy and also has a shoulder strap, so you can opt to carry it on course.
  • Personalizable – Add a signature ingot with your initials to customize the look.


  • No individual club slots – This design has a six-way top rather than individual club slots.

2. SL2 Golf Bag

The SL2 Golf Bag is the perfect combination for the golfer who wants the option to walk or use a push cart. It’s made from STITCH® Touring Fabric, a material as strong and durable as leather but as light as a feather. It’s also water and stain-resistant.

There is a full-length side apparel pocket, an insulated beverage pocket, and a felt-lined valuables pocket, with the zippers sealed for extra protection. Four sections enable club separation and make it simple to get the clubs in and out.

Stylish and functional, this versatile bag has an interchangeable single and double strap with a two-shoulder option plus a stand. It is the perfect carry bag but will also fit a push cart if you need a break.


  • Versatile carry options – Use this as a carry bag with the single or double shoulder strap, kick out the stand or slide it into a cart.
  • Durable, quality fabric – The SL2 uses a unique material that is water-resistant and durable. It delivers all the performance and appearance of leather without the price tag or maintenance.
  • Comfortable – If you opt to carry it, this bag is comfortable and well-balanced. 


  • Less storage – The lightweight design of the SL2 may not have enough storage options for some golfers.

3. SL1 Golf Bag

Sleek in design and with a single cushioned comfort strap, the SL1 is the perfect push cart bag. If you switch between pushing and carrying it, you’ll find the design well balanced for the left or right shoulder to suit the wearer's preference.

The SL1 features two side saddle pockets that can accommodate larger items like towels, jacket, etc. There are also top vent pockets to hold a beverage and keep valuables secure. Easily extended legs provide a stable stand.

The overall design is streamlined, lightweight, and minimalist. The SL1 is made from Stitch’s proprietary Touring Fabric, which has the strength and durability of leather without heaviness or cost.


  • Lightweight and versatile – The perfect push cart bag; you can also carry it for shorter games.
  • Unique, quality fabric – The Touring Fabric material is unique to Stitch, lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to care for; it boasts all the style and appearance of traditional leather, just without the weight.
  • Minimalist style – The toned-down style is great for the golfer who wants to focus on the game. 


  • Heavy, if fully loaded – Struggles with over ten clubs in the single divider and feels heavy when carrying it. 

How to Choose the Right Golf Bag for a Push Cart

Bag Type

Not all bags will fit a push cart, so your first consideration should be the bag type.

Try to invest in a golf bag designed explicitly for push carts when possible. If you have a cart or a stand bag, you’ll have to do some experimenting. 

If you already have a stand bag, it may work with a pushcart. You just need to find the right design and fit. A stand bag can be a good option for a golfer who only uses a push cart occasionally.

A cart bag will generally fit a pushcart as easily as it fits a golf cart. However, the dimensions may be slightly too large with some cart bags, so you’ll need to check the manufacturer’s specs. 

If you intend to use a push cart every time you play, you are better off buying a dedicated push cart bag rather than finding a cart to fit your stand bag.

Club Access

Choose a bag with a relatively open top to access the clubs from all angles. Some cart bags are angled so you can reach the clubs from a golf cart. 

However, it’s better to avoid this design for a push cart since you don’t want the clubs sliding out when pulling the pushcart.

Pocket Placement

Consider the design and the accessibility of the pockets. Most cart bags feature front-facing pockets so you can quickly reach essentials like golf balls and tees. 

If you need to detach the bag from the cart to access some items from hard-to-reach or obscure pockets, this can be inconvenient in the middle of your game.

Storage Capacity and Weight

Lots of storage will make the load heavier if you fill all the pockets. While the pushcart lessens the strain of carrying a heavy load, it will still be difficult to wheel around an overloaded golf bag.

Many new-style push carts have integrated storage consoles, so you might find a bag with the same storage options is unnecessary.


Rather like with golf clubs, the adage of ‘buy the best you can afford’ rings true.

Your golf bag is designed to protect your clubs, and it can have a pretty tough life. Remember, you’re carrying it out in all weather conditions and uneven terrain.

Generally, the more expensive cart bags will feature better quality fabrics and zippers with decent weatherproofing to last the course. The price tag is often a reflection of durability.

Type of Push Cart

Don’t consider the bag in isolation from the pushcart.

These days, many push carts, particularly the four-wheeled variety, have a console with storage pockets, so this might influence your choice.

A four-wheeled push cart can offer more storage for golf equipment and is usually easier to fold. However, it can be heavier and less maneuverable than a three-wheeled version.

There are also motorized options. These offer the ease and convenience of a push cart with a motor to take the strain when you need it. If you have an electric push cart, the size and weight of your golf bag won’t be a worry.

Club Rules

Not all courses allow push carts, and some even place restrictions on walking. It won’t be worth your time to buy a bag if you can’t use it at your regular club.

Sometimes the rules depend on whether the cart is manual or electric. An electric push cart won’t violate electric cart rules in competitive golf tournaments, which usually require certified evidence of a physical disability, but check your club as regulations vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Golf Cart Bags Fit on Push Carts?

Most bags specifically designed for golf carts will also fit a push cart, but it isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some cart bags have larger bases to enable more stability, but that additional couple of inches may make them too large for a pushcart. Some golf bags are dual-purpose for both golf carts and push carts.

It is best to choose a style designed explicitly for a pushcart. Try and marry up the purchase of the pushcart and the bag so that you get the bag you want with all the right features and compatibility with your cart.

What Type of Bag is Best for a Push Cart?

The best golf bag for a push cart is the one designed for the job. 

Stand bags will fit onto push carts, but they may not have securing straps or remain particularly stable while moving. If the stand bag doesn’t have a flat base, it won’t fit the cart.

Golf cart bags will usually fit because they have a flat base, but not all of them will. The fit depends on the base size. 

Some manufacturers will indicate which push carts their bags will fit, but in reality, most push cart bags should fit easily to any brand. The compatibility depends on the attachment method, which is simple and pretty standard.

It is always essential to check out how secure the bag is on the cart and how easily it fits. A push cart bag should have dedicated straps to keep it firmly in place. Some designs have an integrated strap tunnel to keep the item secure while moving. 

The best push cart bag will remain stable and not slip or twist while you are wheeling.

How Do You Load a Golf Bag Into a Push Cart?

Loading your bag is a straightforward process:

  1. Unfold the pushcart and secure the frame with the locking levers.
  2. Next, add your empty golf bag to the cart. Most golf carts have two securing straps for the top and bottom. It’s best to load the bag while it’s empty to avoid straining yourself when loading a bag with 14 clubs and other accessories.
  3. Fill the bag with your chosen clubs and accessories for the day.

You might have to do some loading and re-loading if you drive to the course. You don’t want to transport your clubs without securing them in the bag, but the fully-loaded cart and bag might not fit in your vehicle. In that case, you’ll need to load your bag and put it and the folded push cart in the trunk of your car. Then put your clubs and accessories into the trunk of your car so you can attach the empty bag and refill it with the clubs you need for the day.

Is It Better to Push or Carry a Golf Bag?

The superiority of pushing or carrying a golf bag depends on your equipment needs, fitness goals, and physical abilities.

A push cart allows you to add extra weight with additional equipment that you may not want to carry. If you want more storage, it’s better to push the bag and gear.

Pushing or pulling the cart is just as good for your fitness as carrying a golf bag unless you use a motorized cart. In either case, you’re still walking the course, which is good for your health.  

Your physical capabilities may also factor into this, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain or shoulder stiffness. Carrying a bag can add to long-term damage and chronic problems, putting you at greater risk of golf injuries. In these situations, it’s better to push the bag. 


Using a push cart combines the best of all worlds: good exercise, a chance to chat to your golf partner as you walk, and relief from the strain of carrying a heavy golf bag.

At Stitch Golf, we have premium golf bags that you can carry, push, or haul in the back of a golf cart. Shop our selection today to get your hands on golf bags made of our STITCH Touring fabric. With Stitch, you can get style and rugged durability in one bag.